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SPCP_E-newsletter - Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year B . - Sunday, July 18, 2021

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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year B 


Readings for Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year B  

FIRST READING: Jer 23: 1-6

Ps: Ps 23: 1-3a, 3b-4, 5, 6 "The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want."

SECOND READING: Eph 2: 13-18

GOSPEL ACCLAMATION (John 10: 27): Alleluia, alleluia! My sheep listen to my voice, says the Lord. I know them, and they follow me.

GOSPEL: Mark 6: 30-34 


"Jesus saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things."  (Mark 6: 34)

(Shutterstock ID:1074985220- BOLOGNA, ITALY - APRIL 18, 2018: The icon of Christ as the Good Shepherd in church Chiesa di San Pietro by Giancarlo Pellegrini.- By Renata Sedmakova )


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Masks must be worn again this weekend


THE PASTOR'S POST: Hanging In There

It has been said that perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did. The truth is that perseverance, that necessary trait of a healthy spiritual life, is never easy, which is why so many people find it difficult to persevere with the practice of their faith when it appears at times to be just hard work.


While it seems to be commonly found in athletes and saints, perseverance is not always virtuous, particularly when it presents as stubbornness or pigheadedness. Synonyms for perseverance include endurance, steadfastness, constancy and stability. But it would be wrong to equate perseverance with merely staying in one place or sticking to one thing. We all know of people who have stayed in unfulfilling jobs or relationships, even when they were offered something better, simply because they lacked the courage to change. This is not the life-giving perseverance that can draw us into a deeper appreciation of God's call to transform ourselves and the world in which we live.


Two crucial factors influencing an approach to perseverance are self-discipline and a vision of the future. The heart of discipline is remembering what you want and staying focused on the journey towards getting what you want. In other words, a vision and a goal. The clearer our vision of what we want in the future, the better our chances are of mustering up the energy and sustaining the self-discipline to achieve that vision. The sharper the vision, the more likely the perseverance.


Christians are not revolutionaries, but our voice must be heard. We want a world where the gospel can take root, where we can aid the poor, offer the stranger hospitality, care for and instruct the children, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and expose systems that are unjust. When any of these gospel values are in jeopardy, we will have the persistence of the aggrieved widow from Luke's gospel. 


We hold on to what we believe, we are tenacious people, and we believe in Jesus who died to make us free and God whose arm is with us, who will never be deaf to us in our time of need. 


Jesus himself gives us frequent examples of his steadfastness. It is good to ask ourselves what enabled him to endure his particular trials and temptations. The answer is simple. Jesus persevered the same way we do: by remembering God loved him, and he wanted all people to know that they too were loved as intensely. His vision was totally clear, and his path was sure. Even his energy to keep going came from the fact that he knew there was no way to achieve his goal. He kept to what he had been taught and knew to be true.


Fr Peter Dillon PP.


We congratulate the Morahan, Carmody and Romano  families whose children Matilda Daisy, Finn Luca and Rosabella Rita will be baptised in our Parish this weekend. 


Please keep the Baptism families in your prayers as they begin their faith journey.



Envelopes for the New Financial Year are available for collection from the back of the churches this weekend, 17/18th July. The envelopes are available to those who contribute weekly via the collections. 

We thank all our Parishioners for their continuing support of the Planned Giving Program. Through this, we are able to meet our Archdiocesan and Parish Budget commitments and also enable the maintenance and growth of our Parish's mission to ensure we can continue Mass liturgies, pastoral ministries, sacramental programs, and various maintenance works.


Please contact the Parish Office via email '' if you require a receipt for this year's contributions, we will email the receipt.


Of course, we have several other ways our parishioners can make their donations - Direct Debit/Credit Card Deduction is becoming more and more popular with our Parishioners as the contributions are paid electronically into the Parish account and the convenience to Pay Wave with their debit/credit card, is available at the entrance of our churches.

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In addition to regular giving to the parish, parishioners, when able, can also provide one-off gifts in the form of Donations or Bequests. A gift in your will, no matter how big or small, is one way you can personally advance the work or the Parish.



The Gold Coast-Tweed Circle (357)of the Catenians will be offering their Annual Mass for Vocations at St Vincent's Church, Surfers Paradise on Sunday, July 25th at 10 AM. The Catenian Association is an international group of Catholic men, comprising 300 circles in 11 countries. Members will be available after Mass to answer any questions from interested members of the congregation. Their secretary Errol Daranjo can be contacted at 0755760019, or 0405728050.

Further information about the Catenians can be obtained online at:   (for the organisation in Australia), and at   (for the head office in the UK).





The last twenty-three years as your Parish Librarian have been  wonderful! It was a job I loved and the people I have met and worked with in this ministry have given support and friendship which I will always warmly remember. 


The library has a relevant and modern collection; supported by a great team of volunteers, each of which has special gifts which are freely and generously given. 


The library is a treasure of the parish and I am delighted that Esta Mostert is now taking over the librarian's role. 


The "covid pause" has given Christians and the Church a time to examine their ministry for the future. Books and newer communication technology will still be very relevant in this world. I will hold you all in my prayers and look forward to all that you will do.  Thank you!  And God bless.



On behalf of the whole parish, thank you Jean for your twenty-three years of dedication, love, enthusiasm and care.  God bless you in this new chapter.  Sincerely,  The Parish Team. 



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There will be a second opportunity to celebrate Confirmation in October this year, please go to the parish website  and complete an online enrolment application to ensure that your child is included in the October group. Use the drop down menu under Sacraments. If your child has been baptised and you wish them to continue their journey of initiation by the celebration and receiving of further sacraments, click on Confirmation (under Sacraments), read the explanation of the sacrament and then scroll down to and click on CHILDREN'S SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM APPLICATION FORM (in the blue box). Complete the form and click on submit. Once you have submitted the form, you should receive an automated response to indicate that your application has been received by the parish team. The timing of a more personalised response to your application will vary depending on the sacrament for which you wish to prepare. The timing of responses to Confirmation, First Communion and Reconciliation requests vary according to the time of year. As the children prepare for these sacraments in groups, our Sacramental Coordinator will use the information provided on the completed online forms to email parents approximately two months prior to the celebration of the sacrament. If you feel that you enrolled some time ago and you have not received sufficient information through our parish or school newsletters, please email Cathy Anderson



In the Archdiocese of Brisbane, Reconciliation follows the Sacraments of Initiation, that is, it follows Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion. The Sacramental Team's plan for Reconciliation is to prepare a program similar in style to the Confirmation and First Communion Preparation Programs. This will be a lengthy task so we are unable to provide an exact date for you to expect an email inviting your child to participate.

I do hope that you will hear from our Sacramental Team before the end of the year. In the meantime, please check the parish newsletter regularly ( then go to newsletter archives) for any updates. Thank you to all families who have patiently and regularly checked in with our team to find out about the timing of Reconciliation in Surfers Paradise Parish.

Whenever the Sacramental Team completes the work for the Reconciliation Preparation material, our Children's Sacramental Coordinator will email an invitation to participate, to the families of all children who received their First Communion in 2020 or 2021. If you have any further questions, please email our Children's Sacramental Coordinator, Cathy Anderson




Sacred Heart 

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Saturday Night - 5 pm

  • (Maronite Mass 6:30 pm, Saturday Night).

*Note First Saturday of the month morning Mass 9am (Next: 7th August)

Sunday - 9 am & 6 pm

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  • (Italian Mass 4pm Sunday) - 

Weekday Masses - Monday - Friday weekday Mass - 9am

St Vincent's

200 max capacity

Sunday - 8 am & 10 am

  • (Hispanic Mass – 5.30 pm on 1st and 3rd Sundays) 

Extra parking is available only metres from St Vincent's Church, at King's Car Park, entry via Beach Road

Stella Maris 

200 max capacity 

Saturday Night - 5 pm

Sunday - 7 am

Please note: Numbers allowed in each Church are based on social distancing restrictions, and the Archbishop has continued to exempt everyone from the obligation to attend Sunday mass during restrictions.

Please remember that as per restrictions we are still expected to check in for mass, maintain a social-distance of 3 persons per 4 square metres,  and to receive Holy Communion in the hand only, refrain from physical contact when offering the Sign of Peace, and to sanitise when entering and exiting the premises.



Please note that people entering the church are required to scan the Check In Qld app - Queensland, which will register you as attending that mass time


STEWARDSHIP REFLECTION -   16th Sunday in Ordinary Time


"He said to them, "Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while." Mark 6:31


Do you spend time, every day, alone and in silence listening to how God is calling you?  If not, you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to develop a more personal relationship with Him.  Unless we talk and more importantly, listen to God every day, how else will we know how He is calling us?  Consider making a retreat this year, and spend some "alone" time with God.


The vision of Stewardship speaks in every aspect of life, inviting everyone to be thankful, generous and accountable for what each has been given.


TAKE FIVE FOR FAITH - Hang in There!

Each of us will be put to the test when it comes to our faith. How we react to tragedy, scorn, injustice, boredom, betrayal, illness, and loss will present moments of truth for us. Will our faith endure? Saint Paul tells the Romans that "tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope." Paul knew a thing or two about perseverance. His lengthy missionizing sea journeys covered something on the magnitude of more than 16,000 kilometres and many months on often rough seas. When you feel tested, turn to Paul for inspiration. Stay the course!

{Matthew 10:16-23 (387). "Whoever endures to the end will be saved"}. 










A Journey through the history of Catholicism! 


This exciting 20-part (20 hour) DVD series takes you through the major people, places and events that make up the history of the Catholic Church. You will see the glory of the Church founded by Christ and understand where you fit into this Epic story.


Order your Study Set by ringing the Parish Office (55 725 433) between 9am and 12pm weekdays and giving your details – the Study Set will cost $44.99 (no mark up on this - just the internet cost) and includes everything you need to participate and complete the 20-part study.  If anyone is desperate to be a part of this but cannot afford the $44.99 or able to just afford some of it - please DO NOT let this stop you from participating - we will find a way

This Study Set includes:

  • Epic Workbook

  • Epic Timeline Chart

  • Epic Timeline Bookmark

We, at the Parish, are excited to be able to bring this to you and look forward to both young and old (and in between) participating, as we want to hear you sharing your opinions, your stories, and your faith filled personal relationship with God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit -  we all learn and grow from each other's input, so looking forward to a diverse group of people from all walks of life.



       In the Footsteps of Paul

With Tony Moore

ALL WELCOME:  Our next session will be on Tuesday 20th July at 6pm in the Parish Hospitality Centre or if that is taken for the night then we are in the Parish Offices Staff Room

The next video from the 20 Episode series is No 13:  "The Mystery Solved" - surveying the prevailing attitudes toward death that Paul encountered…….

a special episode from a cemetery in Corinth exploring Paul's understanding of death and how Jesus resurrection from the dead brings hope that stretches beyond the grave, that stretches into eternity 

Prayer and Reflection on Letters - Thessalonians is finished  and we now start on Corinthians - your notes will be sent via email prior to the weekend.

 If you are wanting to start with us just give the Parish Office (55 725 433) your email address and turn up on the night.  Blessings to all.


The Opening of the Library 2021

The library will open again on Friday the 23rd of July 2021 just after the 9am mass.

Are you called to help in the library?

We are in need of volunteers to man the library before and after mass during the weekends. If you are called to help in the library, we shall appreciate it if you can contact Esta Mostert by texting / WhatsApp her on +61 410542427 or email her:

Please text your name, WhatsApp or phone number and / or your email address to her as well as the times that you will be available.

 Alternatively, write your name on the Library Volunteer list at the back of the church which will be available from Saturday, the 17th July 2021.

Ezekiel 2:9  Then I looked, and behold, a hand was extended to me; and lo, a scroll was in it.




Your support is needed to help our Parish to continue valuable pastoral activities and to provide ongoing sustainability. To assist you to support the Parish, you can give via http:-

If you are able to continue to support us, we would be most grateful. For all those who have been making payments via credit card and those who have donated directly into the parish account, we thank you.  The pay-wave or tap-and-go machines on the timber stands in our Churches are also a safe and handy way to donate to the Parish. God bless you for your support. 

If you would like confirmation of your donation or a receipt emailed to you please contact me at To join planned giving, please contact the Parish Office: (07) 5572 5433 (9am–12pm Mon-Fri).


INSPIRING QUOTES:  (Some taken from - ...https:- /;Complete Quotes and Anecdotes - Tony Castle )

  • "We therefore grossly deceive ourselves in not allotting more time to the study of divine truths. It is not enough to barely believe them, and let our thoughts now and then glance upon them: that knowledge which shows us heaven, will not bring us to the possession of it, and will deserve punishment, not rewards, if it remains slight, weak, and superficial. By serious and frequent meditation it must be concocted, digested, and turned into the nourishment of our affections, before it can be powerful and operative enough to change them, and produce the necessary fruit in our lives. For this all the saints affected solitude and retreats from the noise and hurry of the world, as much as their circumstances allowed them." – St. Apollinaris

  • "The Holy Spirit sweetens the yoke of the divine law and lightens its weight, so that we may observe God's commandments with the greatest of ease and even with pleasure." (St Lawrence of Brindisi OFM Cap). 

  • "God is love and all His operations proceed from LOVE…" [St Lawrence of Brindisi OFM Cap (1559-1619)]. 

  • "The world would have peace if only men of politics would follow the Gospels." (Bridget of Sweden). 

  • "To write well and speak well is mere vanity if one does not live well," (Bridget of Sweden).    

  • "The source of justice is not vengeance but charity." (Bridget of Sweden). 

  • "Mary Magdalene turned and said to Jesus in Aramaic, "Rabboni!" (which means Teacher)." (John 20:16). 

  • "So Mary Magdalene ran and went to Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one whom Jesus loved, and said to them, 'They have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we do not know where they have laid him.'" (John 20:2)

  • Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, "I have seen the Lord." (John 20:18). 

  • Make your prayer simple, as simple as you can. Reason little, love much, and you will pray well." (Willie Doyle).

  • "Contemplation is knowledge by love."  (Bede Griffiths, OSB). 



THE GOSPEL THIS WEEKEND: He had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd.


There is a beautiful line in the second reading that one could spend the whole week, a whole lifetime contemplating the meaning of:

 "Jesus is our peace, he who made both one and broke down the dividing wall ........, through his flesh, abolishing the law with its commandments and legal claims, that he might create in himself one new person in place of the two, thus establishing peace." 


This is really fascinating...

So, peace is not just a state of mind or body...,

And Reconciliation and forgiveness is not just something we do or do not do......

"Peace" is actually a person,

"Forgiveness" is a person,

...and that person is Jesus, who is the Lord of Peace, the Prince of forgiveness...


The writer and poet Alice Camille, tells of an incident in her life that brought this personal dimension of peace, home to her. She writes:


"There was no way I was going to speak to that guy who offended me again. NO WAY!!! I repeated this mantra several times to fortify my resolve. I was outraged. I was hurting. As I rehearsed for the twentieth time the righteousness of my position against my enemy who had offended me. Then I remembered, peace wasn't something that was mine to give or deny. Jesus is our peace. Jesus is the WAY of peace... unity with him is unity with peace and reconciliation. To withhold reconciliation is to withhold Christ and what Christ can do..."


The balance between reflection and action, prayer and good works, work and rest, comes into focus in this weekend's Gospel. It is often hard to get this balance right in our lives. So many demands on our time, many good projects that can be called on us, and so the balance of work/rest, prayer/action is quite challenging. Jesus knew this balance and he responded and was flexible and even changed his plans when situations unexpectedly arose, but at the same time there is a deep sense about Jesus that he kept that balance within his heart and was able to be peaceful and loving in his response, despite the many demands.


Jesus knew the benefit of taking some time to get away from it all and revive, rest, pray and have time to nourish ourselves, in body, spirit and mind. 


He showed that care for himself and his disciples, (even in the midst of the heavy demands of his ministry), and whilst facing the crushing needs of countless people who came to see him, hear him and to touch him.


Among the natural benefits of taking some time out: namely renewal and physical and spiritual recuperation, there is also a valuable chance to 'stop, take a breath and look at where we are, where we are heading and what we are trying to achieve."


If we constantly respond to the urgent… we may miss getting a chance to weigh up whether it is also 'important.'  Something can be urgent, but not necessarily important.  And some of the most important things in life may never present themselves to us as "urgent" but (if neglected) these needs could cause major difficulties and even cause us to lose sight of the things that really matter. 


Also, we believe that our God can be encountered in the silence and the stillness. 


I am impressed by a quote from Saint Teresa which says "Settle yourself in solitude… and you will come upon him in yourself."


Another really striking thing about today's gospel passage is that, although Jesus knew he needed to get away from it all and give himself and his disciples time to rest and pray and gain renewal and focus.  With this in mind, his attitude towards the needy crowds when he saw them is really inspiring. He gets to the place he was heading for a well-deserved rest; only to find the crowds have found their way here too!!!


We could be forgiven in some way if in exasperation we reacted in similar situations by saying… "Oh please, give me a break! Go away. I am too tired. Leave me alone!" But, of course, Jesus' reaction is that of so many parents and carers who are faced with the all too real needs of their beloved. It is a response of love and deep compassion and inclusion.  He understood them. He knew their needs and could see into their hearts.  


He did not see the crowds as if they were nothing to do with him. They were never just people he spoke to and taught but had no connection with. These needy people - these crowds were not disconnected from him. He identified himself with the people who were there, like a parent to a child; like a spouse to their beloved. This was not a case of "them and us" when it came to relating to the crowd. So, it seems as if Jesus' compassionate reaction to the crowd was because, although he was not denying his needs and his disciple's needs for rest and prayer and reflection; when he came across the crowds he recognized their needs as also important.   This is such an important key.  All of these needs are important. No doubt. 


So … for Jesus it was always a case of "not them and us" but "us and us." His needs and the needs of the disciples were as important as the needs of the crowds;  and, conversely, the needs of the crowds were as real and important to him as his own. He kept that in his mind and heart. And his response reflected that. He solved the slightly conflicting needs by responding in compassion to the lost and desperate needs of those he encountered.


I am sure he then went off and gave himself and his disciples the space they needed……. afterwards..


To listen to the whole Sunday Mass each week (including homily) from Surfers Paradise Catholic Parish, please visit this link:  Liturgy for you at Home (by SPCP) -  https:-                                                                                                                    {References:  -Fr Paul W. Kelly; Quote from Alice L. Camille. Reflection in, ©2012, TrueQuest Communications, LLC.} 

{Shutterstock licensed image ID:1140627950- Biblical vector illustration of Jesus as a shepherd- By rudall30


POPE FRANCIS: Pope recovering normally, shows closeness to hospitalized children


Pope Francis showed that beautiful compassionate love that Our Lord's grace inspires.  As he was recovering from his own surgery, his mind and heart and prayers turned to children who are ill and all who are suffering illness and pain.  


Pope Francis is convalescing normally on Thursday, 4 days after he underwent intestine surgery at Rome's Gemelli Hospital.

Pope Francis is recovering well after intestinal surgery he underwent on Sunday at Rome's Gemelli Hospital, Matteo Bruni, the director of the Holy See Press office, said in his update on the Pope on Thursday.  It was a "quiet day for the Pope" and his chest-abdomen CT scan was negative


"His Holiness Pope Francis spent a quiet day, eating and moving around independently on his own," Bruni said.  "In the afternoon he wanted to show his paternal closeness to the little patients of the nearby Paediatric Oncology and Child Neurosurgery ward, sending them his affectionate greeting."


However, Bruni said that the Pope had a slight fever Wednesday evening.  Thursday morning, the Holy Father  "underwent routine microbiological tests and a chest-abdomen CT scan, which was negative".


The director of the Holy See Press Office said, "The Holy Father continues the planned treatments and oral feeding." "At this particular moment, he turns his gaze to those who suffer, expressing his closeness to the sick, especially to those most in need of care," Bruni added.


In the afternoon on July 4, Pope Francis left the Vatican's Casa Santa Marta for Rome's Agostino Gemelli Polyclinic, a Catholic hospital, where in the evening he underwent a "scheduled surgery for symptomatic diverticular stenosis of the colon". "Stenosis" is constriction of the intestine due to the "diverticula", or pouches or sacs, that form on the wall of the large intestine narrowing the passage.  Following the operation Sunday evening, Bruni said the Holy Father reacted well to the surgery which was performed under general anaesthesia.

     (source: Vatican News staff writer,  )

(Image shutterstock licensed image ID:1899519406 - Francis. Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy By Riccardo De Luca - Update )






The order received this week has been placed on the shelves, prayer books, rosaries  and Sacramental gifts available also.




  1. Fr Paul Kelly celebrated his birthday recently on 23rd June and after 9am Mass at Sacred Heart we celebrated with him on this special occasion - no big one for Fr Paul this year, (just 53 years!),  but still something to CELEBRATE.



  1. Rosies and the Surfers Paradise Catholic Parish Collaborating with a BBQ on Sunday 27th June and 11th July 2021 -1pm to 3pm

We have commenced a BBQ lunch for the homeless and disadvantaged in the car park at St Vincent's Church, Hamilton Avenue  in Surfers Paradise, on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month - the idea is to give our patrons, young/old men/women/children who are finding it tough, an opportunity to have a healthy and fresh meal. 

Rosies is about bringing friendship and a sense of belonging to the people they meet who are finding it difficult, the lonely, the homeless, the disadvantaged, being with them, sitting and chatting - we wanted to give them a day with BBQ sausages and minuette steaks, fresh salads and fruit salad - sitting around at the BBQ enjoying ourselves.

This has been achieved over the two inaugural ones that we have already had - last Sunday and the Sunday two weeks ago.  


Surfers Paradise Catholic Parish is also about friendship, belonging and being the face of Jesus to those we meet.  So some of our Parishioners have become part of the teams that are serving the homeless and disadvantaged on these Sundays.  What a great opportunity this has become for us as a parish to be involved - to show how we go from our Sunday Mass out to the world on mission, spreading the love of Christ to others through what we do - it is through what we do that people will know who we are - we don't need to go out and preach to them just BE with them.  Congratulations to those who have already become involved. We are so proud of you.  Here are some photos from the two days:


      The last one is NOT a good look I know - but having fun sharing lunch with a lady and her little girl - both homeless and living on the street -  not able to take a photo of them so you just got me!!!!


All the people in these photos were happy to give permission to have their photo shared with you.  They said 'thank you Rosies and thank you Surfers Paradise Catholic Parish.  We love our little spot here at St Vincent's Church!'

Next week we will tell you how you too can be involved - in a small or big way!



An elderly pensioner who has recently moved into the parish is seeking accommodation. One bedroom granny flat or single story unit/flat. Prefer postcode of 4226 so to be in close proximity to Sacred Heart Church. Rent paid in advance and guarantee a quiet non-smoker without pets.  Please phone Diane 0401989989.




Meets at the Sacred Heart - Parish Hospitality Centre, Fairway Drive, Clear Island Waters.  

Playing Bridge keeps your brain active and increases your social network! So why not give us a try?

Learn to play Bridge at "Our Friendly Club"  - Free Lesson. "Introduction to Bridge"

Easy to learn format, no previous card playing experience necessary. All are welcome.

For more information and to enrol, Please phone: Cheryl 5538 8821  or Mob 0417 772 701



Our Art and Craft Group is up and running, and is alive and well! We meet in the Parish Hospitality Centre, next to Sacred Heart Church in Fairway Drive, Clear Island Waters, each Wednesday from 9am to 12noon. Our activities include Art (water-colour, oils, acrylics, pen and ink drawings etc), as well as various kinds of Craft work (knitting, embroidery, crocheting, card making, sewing) and making of Rosary Beads that are later sent on to the Missions. We are open to all other activities that individuals have an interest in. We come together to enjoy each other's company in a relaxed environment. New members, both men and women, are most welcome to join. For further information please contact John on 0412 759 205 or the Parish Office on 5572 5433 Monday to Friday 9am to 12noon.



St Stephen's Cathedral. 11am, Saturday 7 August, 2021. Mass celebrated by His Grace, Archbishop Mark Coleridge. Music Ministry by Emmanuel Worship. Hosted by Charis Connect comprising Catholic Charismatic Renewal Prayer Groups, Communities and Ministries. Bookings for this event are essential: register at - Enquiries: Miriam , Audrey 0435558390, Len 0421977849. Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise…



Please visit and see the treasury of shows and articles at  https:- 



Come join us for our friendly class in the Parish Hospitality Centre next to the Parish Office. Classes run every Tuesday at 10:45am. Learn to relax, yet gain greater flexibility, inner strength, body awareness and concentration, all while increasing your breath support and general wellbeing. Ruth is an IYTA accredited instructor with wide experience and runs a caring, carefully monitored one-hour session costing $10 (new attendees need to arrive by 10.30am to prepare adequately for class). For more information call Ruth on 0421338110.




Position Vacant – Administration Assistant - Acacia Ridge Parish

Applications are open for the above position at the Acacia Ridge Parish. The position is a casual role with the possibility of it becoming full time and will begin ASAP. For additional information, please visit the Archdiocese of Brisbane website and to careers.

 Applications close: Sunday 8 August 2021


Position Vacant – Sacramental Coordinator for Children - Bracken Ridge

Applications are open for a position at the Bracken Ridge/Bald Hills Catholic Parish. A person with sacramental & liturgical knowledge is required for a casual position of Sacramental Coordinator for children, working only during school terms.

For additional information, please visit the Archdiocese of Brisbane website https:- and then go to "careers." Applications close 22nd July 2021. 


POSITION VACANT   – Lutwyche Catholic Parish

Applications are open for a position at the Lutwyche Catholic Parish. A person with excellent administration and secretarial skills is required for a casual position of Administration Assistant Monday & Friday working 8.30am to 12.30pm, 4 hours each day.

For additional information, please visit the Archdiocese of Brisbane website Job closes 30 July 2021


Position Vacant – Youth Coordinator, Ipswich Catholic Community


Applications are open for a position at the Ipswich Catholic Community. A person who is able to evangelise young people by connecting them with the person of Christ and the Church through involvement in the Parish community is required for a part time position of Youth Coordinator for 20 hours per week. Weekend and evening work will be required.

For additional information, please visit the Archdiocese of Brisbane website and to careers. Closes July 30. 

The Archdiocese of Brisbane has standards of conduct for employees and volunteers to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Our commitment to these standards requires that we conduct background referencing for all persons who will engage in direct and regular involvement with children, young people and/or vulnerable adults.



Thank you to everyone who contributed to the local Saint Vincent de Paul Annual Winter Appeal. 

If you missed out, you can still send in a donation to our local SVdP group. Every day, at the St Vincent de Paul Society, we see that ordinary people are able to make an extraordinary difference in their local communities. We are inspired by the joy of the Gospels and our Catholic social teachings to do things that matter. The spirit to feed, heal, shelter, nurture, and inspire – the power to change lives – is in everyone. 

All donations over $2 are 100% tax deductible.  Thank you for your support.

Craig McMahon. Conference President - Surfers Paradise




"Legislation to allow access to voluntary assisted dying in Queensland was introduced in Parliament on the 25 May,- the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021 – this is to be scrutinised by the parliamentary Health and Environment Committee, and is to go through further public consultation. The parliamentary Health and Environment Committee has only a short time now to undertake scrutiny of the Bill and members of the public and stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide submissions. Submissions can be sent through via the following government page.  Click Here  - Also please see the excellent resources and information on this important topic here -   Catholic church resources on Euthanasia

Also,  A Call to Action against Voluntary Assisted Dying - anti-VAD





Starts 2022 

Initially Prep to Year 3, and then extending

Website: Star Of The Sea Merrimac  

Facebook Page: Star of the Sea







FOR THOSE WHO ARE SICK: Peter Cotton, Bobby Courtney, Lisa Mangan, Doreen Slater, Christina Hendriksen, Diane Land, Robyn Skein, Sharyn Lucas, Kye Oh, Irene Carney, Michael James, Bill Gilmore, Olga Hamshari, Roy Ferraro,  Margaret Haerse, Rosalind Lee, Milka Barac, Mary Ashton, Kurt Hillesheim, Bill Goodrem, Rodney & Norma McLennan, Lois & Doug Wood, Duncan Dawson, Sam Maxwell, William Franklin, Gerry Stoffels (Capetown, SA), Maria Mihalic, Annie Scicluna, Anne Logan, Dymphna Hogg, Margaret & Louise Thompson, Patricia Moor, Helen Bohringer, Peter O'Brien, Angela Duvnjak, Rachel Raines, Savannah Ayoub, Gus Reeves, Baby Maeve Lombard, Kathy Kiely, Rosslyn Wallis, Arthur Haddad, Jean Di Benedetto, Michael  & Denise Tracey, Joanne Mooney, Joanne Parkes, Michelle MacDonald, John & Molly Robinson, Mary Kerr. And all suffering from Covid-19. 


RECENTLY DECEASED: Joseph Chan, John Lenehan, Elaine Cotter, Albert Lewis (Lew) Bush, Jill Cecelia O'Brien, Maureen Patricia O'Connor, George Higgs, Greg Sharah, Dave Binder USA, Grace Cooper UK, Leah Maher, Bill Wall, Jill Masters, Adam Minisini, Anthony Bennett,  Bernard David, Anna Marmina, Joe Gellatly, Felicitas Robbins,, Don Cope, Mary Johnston, Rodolfo Miguel Mengido, Lynette Lesley Larking, Patricia Tansey, Paul Conmy, Kathleen Hare, Marie Van Twest, Barry Moore.



ANNIVERSARY OF DEATH: Anna and Nicholas Dranginis, Eftim Orloff, Marie Patricia Martinek,  Ronald Donovan; Rita Steptoe; Emilia Smarzewska; Dr Rogerson Bullen; William Sammut, Margaret Ann (Ann) Mason, Terrence Gavin (Terry) Faloon, Patrick Sexton, Margaret Mary Gordon, Archbishop Frank Rush, Ruby Agnes Johnson, Corbett Benedict McKay, Stefan Iosif Szemes, Valda Martin, Raphael (Ray) Desira, Vivienne Marie Miau. 




You can visit the Stay Connected page on our website to find an extensive list of information and resources. 

Liturgy for you at Home (produced by SPP): https:-

Weekly Homily (produced by SPP): https:-

Surfers Paradise Parish Facebook: https:-

Breaking Parish News (SPP Blog): https:-




Next Sunday's Readings


Readings for Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year B  

FIRST READING: 2 Kgs 4: 42-44

Ps: Ps 145: 10-11, 15-16, 17-18 "The hand of the Lord feeds us; he answers all our needs. "


GOSPEL ACCLAMATION (Luke 7: 16): Alleluia, alleluia! A great prophet has appeared among us. God has visited his people.

GOSPEL: John 6: 1-15


Commitment To Child And Vulnerable Adult Safety

"The Archdiocese of Brisbane holds that children and vulnerable adults are a gift from God with an intrinsic right to dignity of life, respect and security from physical and emotional harm. They are to be treasured, nurtured and protected from any harm."  As a Parish Community, we pray for a change of heart, that we respond to our grief by reaching out to one another in truth and love.



Acknowledgement of Country

We respectfully acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First Peoples of this country, and especially acknowledge the traditional owners on whose lands we live and work throughout the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane. And here in this parish of Surfers Paradise, we particularly acknowledge and pay our respects to the Kombumerri clan of the Yugambeh people of the Gold Coast.  We also acknowledge Elders, past and present and pay tribute to those who have contributed to the social, economic, cultural, political and spiritual life of our community. This acknowledgement affirms our commitment to social justice and the importance of healing and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

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