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SPCP_E-newsletter - Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe . Year B . - Sunday, November 21, 2021

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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. 

Year B - Last Sunday in the Church Year


Readings for Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. Year B 

FIRST READING: Dan 7: 13-14

Ps: Ps 93: 1a, 1b-2, 5 "The Lord is king; he is robed in majesty. "


GOSPEL ACCLAMATION (Mark 11: 9b+10a): Alleluia, alleluia! Blessed is he who inherits the Kingdom of David our father. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.

GOSPEL: John 18: 33b-37


"Everyone who is of the truth, listens to my voice" (John 18:37)

(Image: Shutterstock licensed image ID:  1916131717 -Wreath Of Thorns With King Crown Shadow - Passion And Triumph Of Jesus- By Romolo Tavani)


PASTOR'S POST: And The King Will Say . . .


Have you ever noticed how really generous people always seem happy? We incorrectly assume that if people are always giving something away to others that they might be a bit resentful, but no, they often seem ready to give more than is asked for or needed. Other people, a bit like myself, usually weigh up the returns or inconvenience to self before compassion kicks in. We might ask, is this person deserving or will they take my generosity for granted? Why should I be generous when I see others who aren't? I wish someone would accuse me of being generous to a fault. I find the most generous people are not always the richest.


My grandfather was one of those people who would embarrass us with his generosity. He would leave his home grown fruit and vegetables on the neighbours back steps or mow their foot path when they didn't ask for it. He would buy lollies and hand them out to people on the bus. He noticed things and was never embarrassed to be kind. I didn't realise it at the time, but I was learning then what kindness looked like, but it took a while before I discovered what kindness felt like.


Saint Theresa of Calcutta has said:

 "The worst disease in the world is the feeling of being unwanted, and the greatest evil is the lack of love. What the poor need more than food, clothing and shelter, is to be wanted."

  Sometimes it's easier to reach into our wallet or purse and donate a few dollars, instead of having to sit down and listen and spend that valuable time that has become such a precious commodity. If only people just needed a handout, then it would be a simple matter of "Yes" or "No". It is important to know that sometimes what people really need is not what they actually ask for.


The King will say to those on his left: 'Depart from me, for I was hungry, not for food but for a smile, and all I got from you was sour looks. I was hungry for a word of encouragement, but all you did was criticise me. I was hungry for a word of appreciation, but you didn't give me so much as a crumb.

'I was thirsty, not for drink, but for a word of recognition, but all you did was "nag" and give out to me. I was thirsty for a sign of friendship, but you ignored me. I was thirsty for a little companionship, but you never gave me a drop.


'I was a stranger, and you refused to have anything to do with me. I was a child and you forbade your children to play with me because my clothes were dirty. I was a neighbour, and you wouldn't allow me into your club because I wasn't in your class.


'I was naked, not because I lacked clothes, but because I lacked self-worth, and you refused to cover me. I was stripped of self-confidence, and you made me feel the chill wind of disapproval. 'I was naked from the loss of my good name through a story that wasn't true, and you refused to clothe me with the garment of truth. I was sick, not in body, but with doubt and worry, and you never even noticed. I was wounded by failure and disappointment, and you couldn't care less. I was sunk in depression, desperately needing the medicine of hope, and all you did was blame me.


 'I was a prisoner, but not behind iron bars. I was a prisoner of nerves, and you shunned me. I was a prisoner of loneliness, and you gave me the cold shoulder. I was a prisoner of guilt, and you could have set me free by forgiving me, but you let me languish there to punish me.


'I was homeless, not for want of a home made of bricks and mortar, but for the want of tenderness and affection, and you left me out in the cold. I was homeless for the want of sympathy and understanding, and you treated me as if I was a block of wood. I was homeless for want of love and acceptance and you locked me out of your heart.


Pray for the gift of being alert, of knowing how to see where we can show kindness. Pray for the gift of seeing God, where other people see a nuisance or a problem. Pray that we will never be seen as that nuisance. Pray that you will be able to be the giver rather than the receiver. That would mean that we might be happier people.                                                                                                                              Fr Peter Dillon. PP

We congratulate the Nash, Antonios and Ponton families, whose children Zara Wendy, Soraya Zara and Henry Alexander will be baptised in our Parish this weekend. 

Please keep the Baptism families in your prayers as they begin their faith journey.





… To be part of the Children's Nativity Play 

at the Christmas Vigil Mass, Friday, December 24 at 5 pm   

All children who would like to be part of the Nativity Play that will be included as the gospel for the Christmas Vigil Mass are invited to attend three practices. Practices will be held at Sacred Heart Church on Monday Dec 20th, Wednesday Dec 22nd and Thursday Dec 23rd at 1pm. 

Our Children's Sacramental Coordinator, Cathy Anderson and our parish Music Coordinator, Christeen Harth will organise the practices. Any parents or parishioners with an interest in or willingness to assist are asked to email Cathy at 

If your child is unable to come to the practices, they are still invited to dress up as any character from the Nativity story so that they can be part of the celebration on December 24. (While we welcome lots of angels and shepherds, we would also love to have some sheep and cattle costumes too.) 



As you know the rule on mask-wearing has been adjusted recently in Queensland.   Queenslanders, except those medically exempted, must carry a mask with them to be used in cases where they cannot socially distance themselves. Everyone therefore should at least have a mask with them even when not required to wear it. However, the recommendation remains that anyone who feels vulnerable is welcome and encouraged to continue to wear a mask, particularly in situations when it is not possible or convenient to socially distance or at any time that one feels it would be prudent to do so.   Also, anyone who is in a particularly higher risk medical or age category is encouraged to consider taking all reasonable precautions, including wearing masks beyond the minimum general rule.   


Because of the specifically unusual situation of communion, where, unlike even the catering industry, one minister hands the host into the hand of another person, we feel that in order to ensure the safest situation, we are advising that all communion ministers at mass are asked to wear a mask when giving out communion,  and continue to sanitise their hands after receiving their communion host and then on conclusion of the communion giving.


The priests giving out communion are also asked to wear their masks when giving out communion.  

This is an added but sensible precaution.

Thank you all for your wonderful work and ministry and patience in these difficult times.



Please Don't Ask The Coordinator To Turn Them Off.  Also, to assist with airflow in the hot and humid temperatures, please don't stop the assistants from opening the doors. 

They Are Following Church Health and Safety instructions. 

It may be necessary to relocate to another seat that may better suit your needs or bring something warm to put on. (Please note, after mass has begun. Side doors are opened, - so please expect that to happen when you are deciding where to sit. We cannot set the conditions for each individual. 

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Sacred Heart 

350 max capacity

Saturday Night - 5 pm 

  • (Maronite Mass 6:30 pm, Saturday Night). 

*Note First Saturday of the month morning Mass 9 am (Next: 4th December) 

Sunday - 9 am & 6 pm

  • (Polish Mass 12:30 pm Sunday)

  • (Italian Mass 4 pm Sunday)

Weekday Masses - Monday - Friday weekday Mass - 9 am 

St Vincent's

150 max capacity

Sunday - 8 am & 10 am 

  • (Hispanic Mass – 5.30 pm on 1st and 3rd Sundays)

Extra parking is available only metres from St Vincent's Church, King's Car Park, entry via Beach Road

Stella Maris 

150 max capacity 

Saturday Night - 5 pm 

Sunday - 7 am 

Please note: Numbers allowed in each Church are based on social distancing restrictions, and the Archbishop has continued to exempt everyone from the obligation to attend Sunday mass during restrictions. Please remember that as per restrictions we are still expected to check in for mass, maintain a social distance of 1 person per 2 square metres, and to receive Holy Communion in the hand only, refrain from physical contact when offering the Sign of Peace, and to sanitise when entering and exiting the premises.

People entering the church are required to scan the Check-In Qld app, which will register you as attending that mass time. Please show our volunteers at the door the tick before entering the church. If you are unable to get the App, only then are you required to write down your name and contact number.


Hispanic (Latino American) Mass: Fr. Syrilus Madin 

5 pm Mass 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month - St Vincent's Catholic Church, Surfers Paradise.

Gold Coast Contact: Juan Arrieta 0406 705 349

Polish Mass: Fr Grzegorz Gaweł SChr (Bowen Hills 3252 2200)

12.30 pm Mass Sunday Sacred Heart Church, Clear Island Waters.

Gold Coast Contact: George Syrek 0411 302 802 

Italian Mass: Fr Angelo Cagna 0423648736

4 pm Mass Sunday Sacred Heart Church, Clear Island Waters.

Gold Coast Contact: Connie Canale 5575 8882

Maronite Mass: Fr Fadi Salame 0421 790 996

6.30 pm Saturday Vigil, Sacred Heart Church, Clear Island Waters.




"Jesus answered, 'My kingdom does not belong to this world."  (John 18:36)

Life is short.  How much time, energy and money do you put into building "your" kingdom here on earth?  We all know we can't take it with us.  The real kingdom is in the next life.  Yet, how much time, energy and money do you invest in working for that eternal kingdom?  Ask God for His guidance.  Detach from earthly possessions.  Generously share your material goods with others for the greater glory of God.

The vision of Stewardship speaks in every aspect of life, inviting everyone to be thankful, generous and accountable for what each has been given.



FOR THOSE WHO ARE SICK:  james Goodwin, Scott Mitchell, Malcolm Ward, John O'Brien, Ludwig Mueller, Bobby Caspersz, Kent Vince, Terry Collins, Colleen Grehan, Herbert Dawson, Carmelita Dulu, Judy Alexander, Sr Mary Teresa, John Davis, Peter Cotton, Bobby Courtney, Lisa Mangan, Doreen Slater, Christina Hendriksen, Robyn Skein, Sharyn Lucas, Kye Oh, Michael James, Bill Gilmore, Olga Hamshari, Roy Ferraro, Margaret Haerse, Rosalind Lee, Milka Barac, Mary Ashton, Bill Goodrem, Rodney & Norma McLennan, Lois & Doug Wood, Duncan Dawson, William Franklin, Maria Mihalic, Annie Scicluna, Anne Logan, Dymphna Hogg, Margaret & Louise Thompson, Patricia Moor, Helen Bohringer, Peter O'Brien, Angela Duvnjak, Rachel Raines, Savannah Ayoub, Gus Reeves, Baby Maeve Lombard, Kathy Kiely, Rosslyn Wallis, Arthur Haddad, Jean Di Benedetto, Michael & Denise Tracey, Joanne Mooney, Joanne Parkes, Michelle MacDonald, John & Molly Robinson, Mary Kerr. And all suffering from Covid-19 and its effects. 


RECENTLY DECEASED: Wayne Pearce, Thomas James Burns, Margaret MacLennon, Margaret Ross, Patricia Heenan, Janora Senders, Carl Tamer, Kurt Hillesheim,  Sam Maxwell, Anne Ryan, Glennis Ann Lamb, Philomena Molloy, John Newell, Bridget Colman, Cathay Egan, John Bullied, Odette Hull, Lorraine Grace, Andrew Kennedy, Mona Cooke, Keiran John Ryan, Marta Goran, Betty Leighton (Sydney), Antonio Cruz, Clara Yepes, Alberta Antonio, Mark Patrick,  Donna Farkas, Robyn Colhoun, Brian Cole.


ANNIVERSARY OF DEATH:  Dominador Tolentino, Beth Green, Mary Catherine Reeves, John and Eileen Dougherty, Graziella Randazzo, Giacomo (Jack) Ulliana, Remedios Solatan, Alfred Desira, Elizabeth Anne Topalov, Maurice Cook, Arthur Bocking, Eve Barry, Paul Louis France Melanie, Irene Bridget McPhie, John Peter Reid (Father of Mary Connelly), Latina Adele Calista, Werner Meyer, David Valencour, Mervyn Kenneth Nelson, Maria Hue Thi Nygen, Fr Owen Oxenham, David Isbel, Joan Valmae Stewart, Fr Neal Shannon, Arnold Jones.  And also:  Ronald Burnell, Dulcie Ricks, Samir Moussa, Anthony Netting, John Bernard Landrigan, Dorothy Briffa, Alan Whitbread, Effie Clark, Elizabeth Pauli Rose, Bridget Weston, Grahame Roberts, Sandra Smart, Anne Weston, Kelly Marie Sutherland, Dora Crisante, Shirley O'Brien, Sidney James Slater. 


Visitation to Nursing Homes with Communion and Prayer. URGENT

We are desperately short of Ministers to take communion to the following Nursing Homes.

  • Lady Small Haven, Benowa.  Tuesdays 9.30 am to 11.00 am

  • Merrimac Park Private Care, Merrimac. Wednesdays 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm

  • Bupa Nursing Home, Merrimac. Thursdays 9.30 am to 11.00 am

  • Hillview Nursing Home, Merrimac. Fridays 9.45 to 12.00 noon

  • Tricare Cyprus Nursing Home, Clear Island Waters. Sundays 9.00 am

The Visitation to the Home could take a Maximum of 3 hours and Ministers will be rostered to work for one day in a month. You will be assisted in training and getting a Blue Card along with a Police Check


For further information ring the Parish Office, or Maxine Sela on 0421051193.




A farewell morning tea-and-coffee was held at the Sacred Heart Catholic church cafe on Friday 12 November 2021 for parishioners Silvana & Luciano Decesare who are moving back to Ornaro Italy, to be closer to family.  Silvana and Luciano have a lovely home in Ornaro Italy which is a beautiful Medieval village set in the unspoilt scenery of the Monti Sabina located 80 kilometres north west of Rome. 



They have been proudly part of the Sacred Heart family and thank everybody from the bottom of their heart ❤️ and will miss everybody greatly.    They say Ciao!!!



Photos  -  Father Paul,  Robyn Hunt, Silvana, Luciano, Father Peter; and Silvana & Luciano with their morning Mass, Rosary, Divine Mercy family

Photo from Silvana of her hometown. 🙏😇




The Parish Library 2021 - Are you called to help in the library?

We are in need of volunteers to man the library before and after mass during the weekends. If you are called to help in the library, we shall appreciate it if you can contact Esta Mostert by texting / WhatsApp her on

 +61 410542427 or email her:

Please text your name, WhatsApp or phone number and/or your email address to her as well as the times that you will be available. Alternatively, write your name on the Library Volunteer list at the back of the church. Ezekiel 2:9 Then I looked, and behold, a hand was extended to me; and lo, a scroll was in it. Source:


CHILDREN'S SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM                                                                 

BAPTISM for Children in Surfers Paradise 

Baptism is the first of three Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. Surfers Paradise Parish follows the policies of the Archdiocese of Brisbane as it welcomes each person into the family of the Church through the waters of Baptism.

Infants and children are baptised at the request of parents. Within the Baptism ritual, parents promise to accept the responsibility of training their children in the practice of the faith and to raise their children to understand and live God's commandments. Parents can request baptism for their child by filling out an enrolment form, available on our parish website Once the online baptism form has been received, the Parish Office will provide details for preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism and confirm the online booking.


Sacrament of PENANCE - Reconciliation 2022

In the Archdiocese of Brisbane, Reconciliation follows the Sacraments of Initiation. That is, Reconciliation, also known as Penance, follows the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, and the receiving of a child's First Communion. The Surfers Paradise Sacramental Team is preparing a program similar in style to the Confirmation and First Communion At Home Preparation Programs. If your child was previously enrolled in the Surfers Paradise Parish Sacramental Program and then was either confirmed or made their First Communion in Surfers Paradise, there is no requirement for you to complete a new online enrolment form. Families of enrolled children will receive an emailed invitation to the Meeting for the Sacrament of Penance Preparation early in 2022. It will be held on either February 21, 2022, at 6 pm or February 22, 2022, at 6 pm (Parents can choose to attend one of these meetings but do not need to attend both.) 

The First Rite of Reconciliation will be celebrated on Thursday, March 31, 2022, at 6:30 pm

If you have further questions, please email our Sacramental Coordinator, Cathy Anderson, at  


Sacrament of EUCHARIST - First Communion 2022                                                                 

Children who have been baptised and confirmed and are in Year 4 or greater in 2022 are invited to prepare to receive their First Communion. If parents have previously completed an online application for enrolment in the Surfers Paradise Sacramental Program, they do not need to complete a new online form to continue. The Parent Meeting for First Communion Preparation will be held on April 26 at 6 pm or April 27 at 6 pm. (Parents can choose to attend one of these meetings but do not need to attend both. Only children who are represented by a parent at one of these meetings will be included in the First Communion Preparation Program.) The Preparation for First Communion Program will be similar in format to the At Home Preparation for Confirmation Program. There will also be a Final Meeting (including rehearsal) in the week prior to the Celebration of First Communion either Tuesday, April 6 at 6 pm or Wednesday, April 27 at 6 pm

First Communion will be celebrated on Sunday, June 12 at 11:00 am and Sunday, June 19 at 11:00 am at Sacred Heart Church (Children will be included in one of these celebrations, not both.) The Sacramental Team will email a reminder to parents late in Term 1.    


Sacrament of CONFIRMATION 2022                                                                                                              

Baptised children who are in Year 3 or greater are invited to be included in next year's Preparation for Confirmation group. Parents are asked to go to the parish website at and complete an online enrolment application. Please use the drop-down menu under Sacraments and click on Confirmation (under Sacraments). Then scroll down to and click on CHILDREN'S SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM APPLICATION FORM (in the blue box). Once you click on SUBMIT, you will receive an automated response so that you know that your completed application has been received. 

In 2022, you will receive an invitation email several weeks prior to the Parent Meeting which is to be held either Monday, July 11 at 6 pm or Tuesday, July 12 at 6 pm in Sacred Heart Church. (Parents are asked to choose to attend one of these meetings but do not need to attend both. Only children who are represented by a parent at one of these meetings will be included in the Confirmation Preparation Program.) After the Parent Meeting, parents will be emailed copies of the At Home Preparation for Confirmation Program to be completed by the child and their parent/s, and then returned to the Sacramental Team. The Final Meeting which includes the rehearsal for Confirmation will be held on Monday, August 29 at 6 pm or Tuesday, August 30 at 6 pm (Children and parents are required to attend one of these meetings, not both.)

The Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation will take place in Surfers Paradise Parish on Friday, September 2, 2022.   

All families wishing to be involved in our parish sacramental programs should regularly check the weekly newsletter for information updates or they can email our Sacramental Coordinator, Cathy Anderson, at  The newsletters are archived on our parish website at



Your support is needed to help our Parish continue valuable pastoral activities and to provide ongoing sustainability. To assist you to support the Parish, you can give via here.

If you are able to continue to support us, we would be most grateful. For all those who have been making payments via credit card and those who have donated directly into the parish account, we thank you. The pay-wave or tap-and-go machines on the timber stands in our Churches are also a safe and handy way to donate to the Parish. God bless you for your support. If you would like confirmation of your donation or a receipt emailed to you please contact me at To join planned giving, please contact the Parish Office: (07) 5572 5433 (9 am–12 pm Mon-Fri).




It is perfectly fitting that on the last Sunday of the church's liturgical year, (this Sunday!), we celebrate the feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe.


This is a celebration that looks forward to the fact that ultimately, at the end of time, Our Lord Jesus will definitively take his place as the Ruler of all Creation. All things will be placed under his authority and power forever.


In one sense this has already begun. The Reign of God is already here. God's Kingdom is already amongst us. The Kingdom is already at work IN us. However, at the end of time, the Reign of God will be established in all its fullness, with any opposing powers comprehensively defeated and vanquished.


We still live in unsettled times, and there are still values that oppose Christ's Gospel. But it is so completely reassuring to have this message that The forces of violence, hatred, deception, and injustice will ultimately be defeated.


Today in the Gospel, Jesus stands on trial before Pontius Pilate. Pilate is questioning his apparent prisoner. Pilate's questions are arrogant and confident. He thinks he is in control. But we Christians have long been challenged to see beyond appearances. We are invited to see the truth behind the surface. Jesus is actually in control at all times, even though he is a prisoner and on trial for his life. Christ is really the free person of the two. Christ is freer than Pilate, who actually is rather keen to release Jesus but is scared of what other people might think or say. Pilate is actually a prisoner. Pilate compromises the truth for political expediency and binds himself up by doing so.


Jesus is the King of truth. So, living Authentically,  living according to truth and integrity is all that really matters. If we succeed at something by deception or hypocrisy or disregard for the dignity and welfare of our brothers and sisters around us, we are really losing out on the things that really matter.


Pilate is virtually calling him a fool for pursuing this non-violent, passive resistance approach. This persistent preaching of the Gospel. "Do you realise that you are going to get yourself killed? And what good will come of your values then?"


However, Jesus knew that if he compromised his principles merely to try to avoid death, then the really important things of life would have been lost anyway. Jesus' principles and their practical application is the true message


Christ stands firmly for the fact that the ends never justify the means-  what you stand for is what you will die for - and in fact, how we get to the goal is part of the journey.


Jesus tells us that the truth is all that matters. However, Pilate has an answer for this…." and what is Truth???????". He --- like so many --- has turned truth into a commodity to be bought and sold at will. Yet, we know that truth is not a statement; Truth is a person! Truth is a way of living: Truth is  Jesus (and his life and everything he stood for). THIS IS THE TRUTH.


Can we dare to follow this radical King? The one whose way of thinking is not of this world but is certainly intended to transform and change this world and the people in it.


True power is actually "power FOR" others and not actually "power OVER" others. Instead of dominating and subduing others, this true service of leadership helps us to become truly the people God wants us to be. Christ has a vision for the people he created us to be.


There is a nice quote that I find very insightful. The writer Paul Tillich says. "Distrust every claim for truth where you do not see truth united with love, and be certain that you are of the truth and that the truth has taken hold of you only when love has taken hold of you and has started to make you free from yourselves. (Paul Tillich).


I love the preface to the Eucharistic prayer for this feast day today. because it names some of the qualities to be found in Christ's Kingdom:


Christ's Kingdom, which has already begun to take hold in our hearts and in our world is …..

"A kingdom of truth and life,

a kingdom of holiness and grace,

a kingdom of justice, love, and peace."


This week, my mind has kept coming back to the concept of Jesus being the Universal King. And so, We are not only his disciples and followers, but we are also his subjects.


What does it mean to be a loyal subject of a "King?" It puts our lives into a new perspective.


God's ways, values and priorities, are about giving without expecting a return and loving without counting the cost.


Come, Lord Jesus! Come, Lord, in all your fullness. Take your rightful place as King of Heaven and Earth! Lead us in the ways of truth. Come, Lord Jesus, as King of our hearts and lives.


To listen to the whole Sunday Mass each week (including homily) from Surfers Paradise Catholic Parish, please visit this link: Liturgy for you at Home (by SPCP) - https:-   


Image Credit: Shutterstock Licensed. ID: 46042582 -Beautiful artistic stained glass portrait of Jesus -By CURAphotography)



TAKE FIVE FOR FAITH - We gather together

Saint Paul says we're each a temple of the Holy Spirit. Saint Peter calls us the "living stones" of the church. But having a physical place to gather and worship is of practical importance, too; it's where we forge the bonds of the Christian community and celebrate Christ's Incarnation. And so, after Emperor Constantine's edict in 313—allowing persecuted Christians to come out of hiding and be public in their practice—it's significant that he gifted a young church with the Lateran properties. How can you help your own parish maintain a Christian community, knowing COVID has kept many from physically gathering?

John 2:13-22  "No one can lay a foundation other than the one that is there, namely, Jesus Christ."






If you want to connect from your home, we can assist you in joining (ring 0409 486 326)

If you are already familiar with Zoom, access to the ZOOM Meeting is ID 743 836 7833


 EPIC A Journey Through Church History.  

Join us for the summary of the final Episode of the section on Weak Leaders and Schism 1300 - 1499 AD 

Heresy never sleeps in the Church and the main actors in this scene are Jan Hus and John Wyclif who preach a "new gospel" that rejects the sacraments, denies the rights of the Church, abolishes the power of the pope, and lauds Sacred Scripture as the ultimate and only authoritative source of God's divine revelation.  We hear the true story around the Spanish Inquisition based on the official records kept at the time.

St Joan of Arc steps forward to defend France, taking charge of an army at the age of seventeen. 

Constantinople finally falls to Islam and this is the finish of the Roman Empire.  As Islam gains ground in the East it is finally defeated in the West.


Back in Rome, wealth has gutted the Chair of Peter; a long line of men known as the Renaissance popes usher in a new age of learning and splendour.  They commissioned some of the greatest artists of all time, such as Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo Da Vinci, to create works of unparalleled beauty.  But the price of this great art is a culture of decadence, and the Renaissance popes behave more as temporal princes than as holy priests.   No one, however, can compare to Rodrigo Borgia, the infamous Pope Alexander VI, who shamelessly besmirches the papacy with a life of lust and greed.  It is a black and selfish time, and men's hearts have grown cold.  The breaking of Christendom is close at hand.


The episode we will commence this Sunday is 

Protestors & Defenders 1500 - 1544 AD

 Martin Luther enters the stage of the divine drama with the revolt that culminates in the breaking of Christendom and the shattering of Christian unity, the effects of which are still felt today.  Initially upset at erroneous preaching concerning indulgences, Luther soon articulates more radical ideas, such as the desire to eradicate the Mass, the entire sacramental and priestly system, and the papacy, which he calls the Antichrist.  The Church initially responds with letters and meetings and sends Cardinal Cajetan to bring Luther back into the fold but Luther responds by insulting the writings of St Thomas Aquinas.  Finally, Pope Leo X condemns Luther's teaching and orders him to submit to the obedience of the Church for the good of his soul and the rest is history…….




St Cecilia: 


  • "Death and hell combine to distract man with a thousand useless cares, and to engage his thoughts with a multitude of imaginary wants."-St. Cecilia

  • "We pray you to please help us as His fair praise we sing! We lift our hearts in joyous song to honour Him this way."-St. Cecilia


St Columban (543-615)

  • "We, indeed, are, as I have said, chained to the Chair of Saint Peter."

  • "Be gentle to the weak, firm to the stubborn, steadfast to the proud, humble to the lowly."

  • "Be helpful, when you are, at the bottom of the ladder and be the lowest, when you are in authority."

  • "Be slow to anger, swift to learn, slow also to speak, as St James says, equally swift to hear." "Be respectful to the worthy, merciful to the poor." "Be mindful of favours, unmindful of wrongs."

St Clement

  • Follow the saints, because those who follow them will become saints.

  • This world and the world to come are two enemies. We cannot, therefore, be friends to both; but we must decide which we will forsake and which we will enjoy.

  • We should let God be the One to praise us and not praise ourselves. For God detests those who commend themselves. Let others applaud our good deeds.

  • Charity unites us to God... There is nothing mean in charity, nothing arrogant. Charity knows no schism, does not rebel, does all things in concord. In charity, all the elect of God have been made perfect.

  • Who can describe the bond of God's love? Who is able to explain the majesty of its beauty? The height to which love leads is indescribable. ... In love the master received us, Jesus Christ our Lord, in accordance with God's will gave his blood for us, and his flesh for our flesh, and his life for our lives.

  • Filthy talk makes us feel comfortable with filthy action. But the one who knows how to control the tongue is prepared to resist the attacks of lust

  • ... faithfully and strenuously you should resist the heretics in defence of the only true and life-giving faith, which the Church has received - the apostles and imparted to her sons. For the Lord of all gave to His apostles the power of the Gospel, through whom also we have known the truth, that is, the doctrine of the Son of God: to whom also did the Lord declare: 'He who hears you, hears Me; and he who despises you, despises Me, and Him who sent Me' (Lk. 10:16).


St Andrew Dung-lac & Companions


Image: St Andrew Dung-Lac and Companion Martyrs | photo by Lawrence OP | flickr

  • Prayer from the Mass of the Saint - O God, source and origin of all fatherhood, who kept the Martyrs Saint Andrew Dung-Lac and his companions faithful to the Cross of your Son, even to the shedding of their blood, grant, through their intercession, that, spreading your love among our brothers and sisters, we may be your children both in name and in truth. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, forever and ever. Amen.

St Catherine of Alexandria

  • Text about St Catherine: - From this martyr's uncommon erudition, and the extraordinary spirit of piety by which she sanctified her learning, and the use she made of it, she is chosen in the schools the patroness and model of Christian philosophers. 


POPE FRANCIS: Magnificent seven to be canonised


Blessed Charles de Foucauld (CNS/ I.Media)

The Vatican announced yesterday that the canonisation of seven saints will take place in Rome next year, in the Church's first canonisation Mass since the start of the pandemic. Source: CNA.

The canonisation Mass will take place on May 15, two years and seven months after the most recent canonisation, that of St. John Henry Newman and four others in October 2019.


Blessed Charles de Foucauld was a dissolute French soldier who became a Trappist monk and Catholic missionary to Muslims in Algeria. Known as Brother Charles of Jesus, he was killed in 1916 at the age of 58.

After his reversion to the Catholic faith, Foucauld wanted to imitate the life of Jesus, spending his last 13 years living among the Muslim Tuareg people, a nomadic ethnic group, in the desert


Pope Francis will also canonise Devasahayam Pillai, a 40-year-old layman from India who was martyred after converting from Hinduism to Catholicism in the 18th century. He will be the first lay Catholic in India to be declared a saint.


Two religious sisters will also be canonised – Blessed Maria Francesca di Gesù, the foundress of the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of Loano, and Blessed Maria Domenica Mantovani, the co-foundress and first general superior of the Institute of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family.


Blessed César de Bus, Blessed Luigi Maria Palazzolo, and Blessed Giustino Maria Russolillo – three priests who founded religious congregations and institutes – will also be declared saints.

 (SOURCE –   Source: Charles de Foucauld and 6 others to be canonized May 15 (By Hannah Brockhaus, CNA) -

( )   




"The Defects of the Saints": 

You may find the above title shocking. It is based on the book of Fr. Jesus Urteaga (1921-2009) with the same title. You may ask, are saints not all-holy and without defects?

Saints were not born with a halo. Like every one of us, saints had their weaknesses, failures, sins, and shortcomings. What then made them saints? Their struggle. When they sinned, they went to confession, sincerely remorse and admitted their sins. When they fell, they stood up without giving up.  Like those known saints, we cannot avoid struggling and, like them, conquer our weaknesses in the end. 


Fr. Urteage says, "returning to our God once, twice …always; has made saints of ordinary mortals like us."  St. Josemaria Escriva writes, "Don't forget that the saint is not the person who never falls, but rather the one who never fails to get up again, humbly and with a holy stubbornness."  Looking at Pope Francis's teaching on holiness in his apostolic exhortation 'Gaudete et Exsultate', he wrote that God wants us to be saints and we must strive to be one.  Despite our weakness and sinfulness, the Pope urged us to look on the crucified Christ and beg Him to "work the miracle of making us a little bit better."


Holiness then is not just for a few but for everyone, and that it is possible to attain, even in this day and age. As St. Paul wrote, "God wants everybody to become holy."  When God wants something, we have no right to say, 'impossible.'  He provides the means to reach this goal e.g. the Eucharist, the sacrament of reconciliation, reading and meditating on the Word of God, praying regularly, devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and avoiding persons, places, and things that cause us to sin.


The feast of all saints of the Church, known and unknown, provides an opportunity to reflect on the nature of sainthood and humbly beg on Mary's intercession to help us walk with Jesus toward holiness.  And by God's grace, we too will grow in holiness, and one day join the saints in our heavenly homeland. … 


Article from "Nagasaki Franciscan"  at Facebook - Nagasaki Franciscan   


{ }





St Kevin's Catholic Primary School at Benowa has a limited number of vacancies in certain year levels,  so we encourage those families still considering their schooling options for 2022 to make contact with the school via phone -55394522 or to go to the website for further enrolment information

St Kevin's is one of our three-valued catholic primary schools within our parish bounds for 2022.


A NEW VACCINE CLINIC IS BEING OFFERED AT ST   JOHN'S DROP-IN CENTRE AT SURFERS PARADISE. This is another new way to help assist our community  The  Vaccine Clinic operates on Thursday mornings from 10.30 am to 12 midday and covers COVID injections, Hepatitis B, Influenza injections, Pneumonia and Shingles. The clinic is run by Dr Donna Hooshmand and is situated right next door to St Vincent's Church at 36 Hamilton Avenue. Bookings can be made with the nurse on 0493 128 614  Walk-ins are accepted for COVID shots, but bookings are required for children's immunisations, Hepatitis  B and Influenza  Injections etc). Bring along a current Medicare card. 



The  2022 Columban Calendar is celebrating its 100th edition with this year's 2022 edition. This iconic Catholic Calendar is well known for its religious paintings and liturgical information.

Also available are  Christmas cards, 2022 edition of God's Word, 2022 Daily Mass Books, Christmas Nativities and numerous inexpensive gift lines.



Mary Mother of Mercy Church & Community Centre 

3 Sunlight Drive, Burleigh Waters 4220. 9 am for 9.30 am start. Finish by 3 pm. Saturday 4 December 2021

As we journey through Advent, you are invited to take some time in silence and quietude, to prepare for the Feast of the Incarnation. Drawing on the words from John's Gospel 1:1-18 (Gospel reading for Christmas Day), "In the beginning, there was the Word… In the Word was life…", and Psalm 139:13-16 "For you created my innermost being." We will spend a day in creative reflection, pondering our true identity in God – we are God's glorious creation, in whom God delights. During the course of the day, there will be opportunities for communal prayer, quiet reflection, and meditative walking. We will also engage in a reflective creative process to create a take-home personal hand labyrinth as a tool for your own continuing meditation and reflection. 

A donation of $25 is invited to cover the cost of morning tea and supplied craft materials. Please BYO lunch, water bottle, hat, and sunscreen, plus a journal and pen (optional). For more information and to register contact Sue Thomas: or text 0428597264 with your name and contact details. Or call Burleigh Heads Catholic Parish Office 55766466 to leave your name and contact details. Sue is a Spiritual Director, Veriditas Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator, and offers retreat and reflection days for parishes, schools, small groups, and individuals.

Burleigh Heads Catholic Parish - all are welcome- Festival of Carols and Readings

Burleigh Heads Catholic Parish /community cordially invites you to join us as we present our festival of carols and readings of the Christmas story.

When: Friday, 17 December 2021 at 7 pm.

Where: Mary Mother of Mercy Church, 3 Sunlight Drive, Burleigh Waters.

BYO: picnic rug, folding chairs and a family share plate.

A light supper will be provided with nibbles, traditional Christmas cake, Shortbread, tea, coffee and cordial.

Supper will be provided in the undercover area of Marymount college (adjacent to the

Church). So come along and join us as we share the Christmas story followed by a carols sing

Along during supper! 


Please come and join us at the Marian Valley for the feast of Our Lady Of Fatima on 13.12.2021. The bus will be picking up sharp at 8.15 am at the Sacred Heart Church. Clear Island Waters. The Cost for the bus is $22.00 return and please BYO lunch. You can secure your seat with a contact name and contact phone number with

 Xavier Solomon 0404 843 260, Madeleine on 0405 252 367 or 5529 1573, Zenaida on 0447 004 344 or 5526 6895. All are welcome.


Meets at the Sacred Heart - Parish Hospitality Centre, Fairway Drive, Clear Island Waters. 

Playing Bridge keeps your brain active and increases your social network! So why not give us a try?

Learn to play Bridge at "Our Friendly Club" - Free Lesson. "Introduction to Bridge"

Easy to learn format, no previous card playing experience necessary. All are welcome.

For more information and to enrol, Please phone: Cheryl 5538 8821 or Mob 0417 772 701


The Group meets in the Parish Hospitality Centre on Wednesdays, 9 to 12.  Activities include art, (watercolour, oils, acrylics, pen and ink drawing etc), as well as various kinds of Craftwork (Knitting, Embroidery, Crocheting, Cardmaking,  Sewing etc.), making Rosary Beads (later sent to the missions), and any other activities that individuals may have an interest in.  We come together to enjoy each other's company in a relaxed environment.  New members, both men and women, are most welcome to join.  For further information, phone John 0412 759205, or the Parish Office.


Theme: The Tree of Life: (Reflections on St Bonaventure's Lignum Vitae)

A Quiet Weekend with the opportunity to explore the God who comes close and do as St Bonaventure did: fall in love with God over and over again. Come and experience a time of guided prayerful reflection.

Place: Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre, Wellington Street, Ormiston. Cost: $370 ($340 for pensioners, f/t students and unemployed) includes all accommodation, meals (an additional fee for special diets), resources, spiritual direction and facilitation. 

To register or enquire contact: or 0409 524 283


Come join us for our friendly class in the Parish Hospitality Centre next to the Parish Office. Classes run every Tuesday at 10:45 am. Learn to relax, yet gain greater flexibility, inner strength, body awareness and concentration. All while increasing your breath support and general wellbeing. Ruth is an IYTA accredited instructor with wide experience and runs a caring, carefully monitored one-hour session costing $10 (new attendees need to arrive by 10.30 am to prepare adequately for class). For more information, call Ruth on 0421338110.


Spring has sprung! Join Rochelle for a fun functional exercise class at Casey Hall. Low impact cardiovascular exercises for heart health, improve strength and balance- an all-around fitness class for over 65's. Stretch and strengthen the whole body, make new friends and feel great.  Tuesday mornings @9.30 Beginners welcome. Contact Rochelle for further information on 0438 333 308. 


Star of the Sea - Merrimac

Initially Prep to Year 3, and then extend

Website: Star Of The Sea Merrimac

Facebook Page: Star of the Sea



FAMILY: Discovering 'Coupleness'

An Original Shalom-World Catholic Production

From brokenness, they worked to build bridges and walk together. In association with Worldwide Marriage Encounter, Shalom World brings a brand new season of 'Family' to your homes. 'Family: Discovering Coupleness' comes to your homes from November 14th at 9.30 PM ET/GMT/AEDT. Featuring a couple from our parish.  YOU CAN ALSO WATCH US ON  Shalom World's website: 




You can visit the Stay Connected page on our website to find an extensive list of information and resources. 

Liturgy for you at Home (produced by SPP): https:-

Weekly Homily (produced by SPP): https:-

Surfers Paradise Parish Facebook: https:-

Breaking Parish News (SPP Blog):  https:-




Readings for First Sunday Advent. Year C 

FIRST READING: Jer 33: 14-16

Ps: Ps 25: 4-5, 8-9, 10+14 "To you O Lord I lift my soul"

SECOND READING: 1 Thess 3: 12–4: 2

GOSPEL ACCLAMATION (Ps 85: 8): Alleluia, alleluia! Lord, show us your mercy and love, and grant us your salvation. Alleluia!

GOSPEL: Luke 21: 25-28, 34-36



Acknowledgement of Country - This is Kombumerri Country - The Traditional Custodians of this region. 

We respectfully acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First People of this country. We pay our respects to the Kombumerri people, who are the traditional custodians of the land, waterways and seas upon which we live, work and socialise throughout this Catholic Parish of Surfers Paradise. We acknowledge Elders, past and present and emerging, as they hold the memories, traditions, culture and hopes of our Indigenous people. We pay tribute to those who have contributed in many ways to the life of the community. We affirm our commitment to justice, healing, and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples


Commitment To Child And Vulnerable Adult Safety

"The Archdiocese of Brisbane holds that children and vulnerable adults are a gift from God with an intrinsic right to dignity of life, respect and security from physical and emotional harm. They are to be treasured, nurtured and protected from any harm." As a Parish Community, we pray for a change of heart, that we respond to our grief by reaching out to one another in truth and love. For more information and resources on Safeguarding our community, please see: 

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