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SPCP_E-newsletter - Sunday, September 5, 2021 -Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year B

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Sunday, September 5, 2021 

Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year B 


Readings for Sunday, September 5, 2021 - Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year B 

FIRST READING: Isa 35: 4-7a

Psalm: Ps 146: 6c-7, 8-9a, 9b-10 "Praise the Lord, my soul! "


Gospel Acclamation: (cf. Matt 4: 23) Alleluia, alleluia! Jesus preached the good news of the Kingdom. And healed all who were sick.

GOSPEL: Mark 7: 31-37



This weekend,  the first Sunday of September, we give thanks to all Fathers; for their love, care and generosity. We pray that God grants them joy in their family and friends, and health and strength.   


Also, for all fathers who have passed into eternal life. May God give them a permanent place at the heavenly feast; the reward for all their goodness and kindness. Happy Father's Day to all our Dads in the community. May God bless you and grant you peace and joy.

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"With a deep sigh Jesus said to him, "Ephphatha!" (which means "Be opened!"). At this, the man's ears were opened, his tongue was loosened and he began to speak plainly." 

(Mark 7: 34-35)


Fr Peter is continuing to improve in health and is grateful for the good wishes and prayers.   God bless.

Shutterstock licensed Image ID: 738876955 - Jesus Christ in a modern mosaic made with ancient techniques. The mosaic has been made by a Sicilian artist (release is provided). -By Fausto Renda)


St Kevin's, Benowa, welcomes Mr John Downie as our Principal from 2022

It was a very exciting day for St Kevin's School on Thursday when Area Supervisor, Mrs Anne McKenny came to visit the school and announced to staff who their Principal would be, starting in January 2022. Mr John Downie, who is currently Principal at Holy Trinity School in Wantirna, Victoria, will move to Queensland with his family to take up this position. We are very excited to welcome him to St Kevin's, and he is equally excited about working in and with our school community. The school community responded to a survey in the consultation process prior to appointments, which was instrumental in helping the panel to select the person they felt would lead with strength and kindness.


Crisis of conscience for MPs. Article by Dr Greg Cunningham. Against Euthanasia


The Queensland government is about to introduce euthanasia legislation, or voluntary assisting dying (VAD) as it is known, to parliament. We are told there will be a conscience vote.


Regrettably, the public has been very poorly informed on euthanasia, and have been misled by grossly misrepresentative and emotive terminology such as "dying with dignity" among other things.


Surveys have shown that the more strongly people support VAD the more likely it is they are confused about what it actually is. It is commonly believed that VAD includes 'do not resuscitate' or 'no CPR' requests, ceasing medical treatments, palliative care, turning off life support etc. It is none of the above. VAD is the deliberate killing of a human being.


The public can hardly be blamed for being confused when exposed to the above.

Do we need VAD? The answer is a resounding no. Modern palliative care in Australia is among the best in the world. There is none better. Patients receiving palliative care do not "die in agony" and do not "lose their dignity". These are entirely false assertions.


In forty years of medical practice in Queensland, I have cared for the terminally ill in their homes, aged care facilities and hospitals. I have never seen a patient "die in agony" or "lose their dignity". No patient has ever asked me to euthanise them: not one, never. The usual situation is the dying patient wants to share the next day with their loved ones, and vice versa.


The terminally and chronically ill deserve the caring, dedicated, conscientious and professional care that is currently delivered by GPs, nurses, palliative care specialists, home nursing services and our hospitals. They do not deserve to be killed.


One of the great problems of VAD legislation is that it inevitably expands to include groups not included in the initial legislation. Despite initial promises of oversight and checks and balances, jurisdictions around the globe euthanise the depressed, schizophrenics, anxiety sufferers, the autistic, the lonely, anorexics, those suffering from addiction and personality disorders.

For example, In a recent two year period in Belgium, 3 children, 77 people suffering from mental disorders, and 173 people who were not suffering from a physical disease, but suffering from loneliness, despair or addiction were euthanised. In 2015 in The Netherlands euthanised 431 people without their explicit request.


These figures are shocking. There is no reason to believe that Queensland will not follow the same path if the legislation is passed.


Additionally, it is extremely concerning to see the number of people being euthanised, not for physical reasons, but because they feel they are a burden on their families. The opportunity for elder abuse, which is common in Australia, is glaringly obvious. Mandatory reporting of elder abuse does not exist across Australia. The elderly are very vulnerable.


Why does the government not listen to the medical experts? The palliative care specialists, the Australian Pain Management Association and the Australian Medical Association all oppose VAD, as does the World Medical Association which states "euthanasia and VAD are unethical and must be condemned by the medical profession" even if national laws legalise it. One must conclude that the government must be pursuing this legislation for ideological reasons. There are no medical reasons for doing so.


Regardless of the draft presented to parliament the practical question for MPs is do we kill or not kill? Do we pull the trigger or not? It is that clearcut.


So where does this place our Queensland MPs? I would say to each of them, step back from the precipice, think very carefully, look at the terrible readily available data from around the globe, and


 deeply examine your conscience before you lead us into the abyss. Please do not visit totally unnecessary and unjustifiable euthanasia upon us.


Dr Greg Cunningham has practised medicine in Queensland for over 40 years. 



While Fr Peter recovers from Illness, here is another gem from our archives

It used to be that people were diagnosed as being exhausted, fatigued, angry or anxious. We now know that these are also symptoms of what is known as "stress". While stress does not always cause illness, it is related to an enormous number of physical conditions that may be controlled, if only we can work out how to deal with stress. The difficulty is that the more stressed we get the less energy we have to name it and then deal with it.


It is part of daily life and can be caused by things as simple as a missed bus or a broken glass or more significant events like the loss of a job or loved one. In most cases, stress is situational and may require outside help or support. But the good news is it can be controlled and dealt with, and people who have a belief system or faith are better positioned than others to deal with stress. Even medical practitioners have acknowledged that an effective way to reduce stress in our lives is to pray. When we pray we quieten our minds and become still, wisdom comes to offer us insight, or as a Chinese adage offers, "when the pupil is ready, the teacher will come". Prayer helps us see that there are options and our perceptual world is broadened. Like humour, prayer relaxes us, giving our mind a chance to become aware that we always have choices. Prayer refreshes our spirits and frees us from the tensions we so often hold in our bodies. Well at least that's the way it works for me.


This understanding came to me during the week, when I was having a little battle between whether I 'could' or' should' deal with a thorny issue and ended up spending more time avoiding the job than if I had just dived in and addressed it. Familiar?


The following bit of wisdom finally shed some much-needed light on the dilemma. 


A university lecturer, when explaining stress management to an audience,

Raised a glass of water and asked, 'How heavy is this glass of water?'

Answers called out ranged from 20g to 500g.

The lecturer replied, 'The absolute weight doesn't matter.

It depends on how long you try to hold it.

If I hold it for a minute, it's not a problem..

If I hold it for an hour, I'll have an ache in my right arm.

If I hold it for a day, you'll have to call an ambulance.

In each case, it's the same weight, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes.'

He continued,

'And that's the way it is with stress.

If we carry our burdens all the time, sooner or later,

The burden will become increasingly heavy:

And we won't be able to carry on. '

'As with the glass of water, 

You have to put it down for a while and rest before holding it again..

When we're refreshed, we can carry on with the burden.

So, before you return home tonight, put the burden of work down: don't carry it home. You can pick it up tomorrow.

Whatever burdens you're carrying now,

Let them down for a moment if you can.'


So, my friend, put down anything that may be a burden to you right now. Don't pick it up again until after you've rested a while. 


Fr Peter Dillon. PP (from a Pastor's post originally published 21/6/2020)



We congratulate the Sherburd and Ricketts families whose children Ivy Pearl and Tilly will be baptised in our Parish this weekend. 


Please keep the Baptism families in your prayers as they begin their faith journey.



From Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane

The Queensland Parliament, in the next few weeks, will be debating and voting on controversial laws to make euthanasia and assisted suicide legal in the state.


These laws, if passed, will overturn foundational principles that have underpinned our medical and legal systems for centuries – the ethic of 'do no harm,' and the prohibition on killing. We need to do all we can to protect Queenslanders rather than assist them to die. Euthanasia and assisted suicide laws undermine the fundamental relationship of trust that should exist between a patient and their doctor. They have the potential to put vulnerable Queenslanders who are elderly or terminally ill at risk of wrongful death, including placing pressure on them to take their own lives so as not to be a 'burden' on their family and friends. We have seen this occur in countries overseas that have gone down this path.


I am asking you to take two important steps today.

First, I ask you to sign this petition to the Queensland Parliament, asking them to reject this euthanasia and assisted suicide law. The petition is sponsored by HOPE, a single-issue coalition of groups who oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Petition link: 

Second, I ask you to email your Queensland State Member of Parliament and urge them to oppose the introduction of these laws.

Send an email to your MP link: 

This matter is now urgent.


Vulnerable sick and elderly people in Queensland need your help to ensure these lethal laws are not passed in this state. I urge you to sign the petition and email your MP today and ask friends and family to do the same.

As always in the Lord,

Archbishop Mark Coleridge



Sometimes it feels like all of our small choices and actions will never amount to anything. Go big or go home, we're told. Yet the stuff of transformation, healing, and love is knitted together one small thing at a time. Our call is to have faith and persist. Take a look at Saint Monica, a laywoman from North Africa, who day in and day out offered "small" acts of kindness, love, and care for her beloved yet wayward son Augustine. She never tired of believing in him, even storming heaven on his behalf. Persisting in the small things that are good, beautiful, and true can make a big difference. What small things are you called to persist in?    (Matthew 25:1-13 (429). "Stay awake")



STEWARDSHIP REFLECTION - 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

"Did not God choose those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom that he promised to those who love him?" James 2:5

What is more important – being rich in faith or rich in possessions? Society tells us that possessions are most important. God teaches a different lesson. When we are rich in faith, we keep God first and experience true joy and peace. When we put possessions first, we soon realize we can never have enough and happiness is fleeting. When we put faith over possessions we truly realize it is better to give than receive.

The vision of Stewardship speaks in every aspect of life, inviting everyone to be thankful, generous and accountable for what each has been given. 



In person at the Parish Hospitality Centre and also coming to you on ZOOM!


If you want to connect from your home, we can assist you in joining (ring 0409 486 326)

If you are already familiar with Zoom, access to the ZOOM Meeting is ID 743 836 7833

This exciting 20-part (20 hours) DVD series takes you through the major people, places and events that make up the history of the Catholic Church. You will see the glory of the Church founded by Christ and understand where you fit into this Epic story.

You will study:

  • The major people, places, and events of the past two thousand years in Church history.

  • Learn the twelve time periods of Church history

  • Grasp the true story of the Crusades

  • Recognise the rationale for the medieval inquisitors and the Spanish inquisition

  • See the revolutionary character of the Protestant Reformation

  • Understand the real story of the confrontation between Galileo and the Church

  • Discover the massive persecution of Christians in the twentieth century

  • Discern the workings of the Holy Spirit throughout Church history

We have at least one study set available (but can order more if need be) so come along to the next session, you are most welcome. The Study Set will cost $44.99 (no mark up - just the internet advertised cost - freight is on us) and includes everything you need to participate and complete the 20-part study. 

 If anyone is desperate to be a part of this but cannot afford the $44.99 or is able to just afford some of it - please DO NOT let this stop you - we are very happy to have you participate.







Confirmation Preparation has begun!                                                                                                       

After our Parent meetings last week, over 80 children received their At Home Preparation for Confirmation document which will guide them and their parents through the program, towards the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation on October 15. We ask all parishioners to keep these children and their families in their prayers. May they open their hearts and minds to the light and love of God as they seek to learn more about the gifts of the Spirit.                            May our whole Parish family be inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit alive among us, today and always. 


105 Surfers Paradise Parish children celebrated their First Holy Communion on May 30 and June 6, 2021. For your child to be included in next year's preparation group, please go to the parish website and complete an online enrolment application. Please use the drop-down menu under Sacraments and click on First Holy Communion (under Sacraments). Then scroll down to and click on CHILDREN'S SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM APPLICATION FORM (in the blue box).



In the Archdiocese of Brisbane, Reconciliation follows the Sacraments of Initiation. That is, Reconciliation, also known as Penance, follows Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion. The Surfers Paradise Sacramental Team's plan for Reconciliation is to prepare a program similar in style to the Confirmation and First Communion Preparation Programs. This will be a lengthy task, we are unable to provide an exact starting date, but we urge all parents and caregivers to continue to check our newsletter for updates.



The Parish Library 2021 - Are you called to help in the library?

We are in need of volunteers to man the library before and after mass during the weekends. If you are called to help in the library, we shall appreciate it if you can contact Esta Mostert by texting / WhatsApp her on

 +61 410542427 or email her:

Please text your name, WhatsApp or phone number and/or your email address to her as well as the times that you will be available. Alternatively, write your name on the Library Volunteer list at the back of the church. Ezekiel 2:9 Then I looked, and behold, a hand was extended to me; and lo, a scroll was in it. Source:




Jesus, in healing the man in the Gospel this weekend, says to him "Be Opened" and he was cured. In a broader sense, God is open to all his beloved children. Jesus calls each one of us to be open and impartial in dealing with our brothers and sister, (our neighbour), and not to be caught up in the distinctions and double standards that the world can draw us into. God is open to all in need and invites us into a Kingdom of inclusion, justice, peace and reverence.


Thank goodness for the letter of Saint James. It is such a wonderful, practical instruction that remains so very relevant today, as it did back at the time of its original writing. 


Faith and discipleship have very practical implications. And following Jesus means a radical transformation of attitude, behaviour and vision. We are called to be people who see beyond appearances. And do not settle on the worldly standards of value, but to be trained to see the world as God sees it. And to see the true value of people and of things around us with the standards of Christ's gospel.

The Gospel looks into the heart of the person, not merely the outward appearances. The Gospel goes to the true Spirit of the law, and not just the letter. A true Christian values the DOING of Jesus' words more than the mere saying. 


This is why Jesus calls us to constantly pray, to spend our time meditating on the Scriptures and pondering their meaning. / This is why we are called to gather in community, and not try and "go it alone." To be supported and challenged by the teachings of the faith community as it journeys towards the fullness of Jesus' Kingdom. 


Jesus, while healing the man in today's Gospel, says to him. "BE OPEN". And he says to each one of us too. "BE OPEN!". 

"Be Open" to my new way of seeing everything in this world. Be open to listening to God's ways in our lives. "


We could spend a long time reflecting on the implications of the message in James' letter, our second reading today. With its resounding clarity: Do not make distinctions!. Do not judge by outward appearances!. The ordinary, worldly standard of judging by wealth or status is not applicable in the Kingdom!. In fact, if any preference is to be given; it is to the poor, the needy, the outcast, the widow, the orphan, the sinner, the one who is most struggling - 


We are human. We sometimes get things wrong. We do sometimes judge people by appearances./ We do not always love all others as we should. We do not always treat all people like a friend would. Sadly, we admit that we can be partial in our dealings with others and sometimes show partiality towards some people at the expense of the rest. And so God gives us the gift of forgiveness, to help us start again. God helps us grow in grace to become the people of the gospel that Jesus calls us to be. It is not an easy path and Jesus knows that and allows for it. 


In the Gospel, the description of the physical journey taken by Jesus is a long, long one, and geographically it is a bit odd! It is a bit like saying. Comparative to local geography, "Jesus travelled by foot from the equivalent of Surfers Paradise heading for Brisbane, via Canungra and Tamborine mountain!" This was not (in any sense) a shortcut. This journey was purposeful, slow and isolated in many areas.[i]


It is fairly clear that Jesus was taking this slow, steady journey to go out of his way to meet people who were often forgotten, and also it was a slow journey to take lots of quality time to be with his disciples at some length, and to slowly but surely teach them and to reveal to them His radical and true vision of the Kingdom of God, which was very different from what they expected from their previous experience and values.


The Old and New Testaments unite in condemning any displays of partiality of judgement, or favouritism of treatment, which comes from giving undue weight to a person's social standing, wealth or worldly influence, or their ability to benefit the person who is giving the favouritism. And it is a fault which could tempt all. "The rich and the poor meet together," says Proverbs, "the Lord is the maker of them all" (Prov.22:2). "It is not right and just," says Ben Sirach, "to despise the poor person that has understanding; neither is it fitting to magnify a sinful person that is rich" (Sir.10:23). It is good for us to remember that it is just as much partiality to be a slave to popular opinion or mob mentality, as it is to pander to a tyrant.

In the early years of the church, it would have been a real change of mindset for Christians when they gathered together as one group because when they met in church the very rich and the very poor and, (even more interesting), the master and the slave would have to sit down as equals in God's house.


We too can fall into the trap of making distinctions, judging by appearances, being partial and biased and having favouritism.


The name we use is "Christian". We are disciples who are followers of Christ, and yet, being followers of Christ requires the long, slow journey of changed attitudes and actions. and a new mind, (where Christ's thinking and values replace our old earthly values). In many ways, it is a lifelong journey, and along the way, we stumble, as we may occasionally fall back into attitudes and behaviours that are not the ways of Jesus, and are really nothing more than the ways of the world around us. 


So, We have to be so vigilant, and so much on our guard against these traps, these contradictions, these hypocrisies. Any contradictions of our own behaviour as Christians are things that non-Christians (even though they may not share our beliefs) are often very quick to notice and point out. Non-Christians often claim that any perceived inconsistency in our behaviour, (as compared with the message of the Gospel), is a real barrier to our credibility. Saint James in the second reading would agree!


There are so many ways, big and small, where we can (often unwittingly and without realising!) contradict the radical message and values of Jesus. Over the years of my preaching, I have more often than I like recalled giving a homily on a particular gospel topic only for someone who sat there listening to those readings and joining in the prayers going out and saying or doing something that modelled the exact opposite of the message that had just been heard. And the worst thing about it, the person doesn't even see the irony of it. They are oblivious to the contradiction. They are not even doing it consciously. It makes me wonder. I have probably blindly gone straight out and contradicted a message that I myself have just heard or preached. It is a reminder of how vigilant we must be and how carefully we need to hear and reflect upon God's word.


Saint James says that partiality, favouritism and self-interest have nothing to do with the gospel. It is also the slow and subtle start of a form of cronyism, favouritism and corruption that (in secular society as well as in religious communities) is absolutely poisonous. Any sense of entitlement or partiality can derail a community. It would certainly move it further away from the gospel model. We must all be on our guard against it. It is an easy mistake to make.


Saint James reminds us in very sobering terms. The words "after all I have done for you!!" or "you owe it to me". or "I deserve this," and sentences similar to that, are words that ought never to be found on a Christian's lips, for the use of these words implies less of unselfish service of God and more of "storing up of credits," to be claimed back at some opportune time.


We can all be tempted to trade in the message and vision for Jesus and swap it for a pale, watered-down, self-serving imitation of Christianity. Jesus is inviting us to BE OPENED to his ways, and his values and his vision. He also offers to heal us of spiritual barriers that prevent us from seeing and hearing the truth of our values and motives and the truth of how close to (or far from) Jesus' true values and vision they really are.


No wonder the people were exceedingly astonished at what Jesus was doing - "Is anything too hard for the Lord?" The book of Genesis asks. And even at the Annunciation to Mary (of the extraordinary things that God was doing in her life and planning for all humanity. ). The Angel reminds us. "Nothing is impossible for God. ".


Having said that "All things are possible for God," we humans have an amazing capacity for assuming that there is only one way of achieving something. and that is in the way that WE imagine !! But God has consistently shown (throughout history) that thoughts like that are quite unhelpful and narrow. 


It is my belief that God achieves the impossible, by means of the improbable and the unexpected. 

I truly believe God receives and answers our prayers; always! Sometimes the answer is "no" (for reasons beyond our understanding, but not beyond God's compassion for us), for God always answers our prayers with a deeply loving reply. Other times, God answers our prayers in a time and in a way that is quite different from our timelines and expectations.

JESUS gives the man back his hearing - God still achieves this today. in ways that go beyond the literal understanding. 


God often answers the core of our needs in ways that may look outwardly very different from what we might have been thinking when we asked for something, and invites us to see things in a different way. Perhaps it's why the quote from Saint Mary of the Cross, Mackillop resonates with me so much when I read her words that say "Many things that seemed unaccountable worries have later proved indeed to be hidden blessings". And how very true! In ways that I find hard to put into words. 


God invites and allows people to be open and truly hear him, to truly perceive - but God knows that the more faithfully one listens to God's unique voice within our hearts, where God's Spirit resides, the better one hears what is happening outside.


We too add to the chorus of voices saying of Jesus: "He does all things well!" He manages to transform the most trying of situations and as he passes through the bitter valley, he leaves in his wake a landscape overflowing with life.  


To listen to the whole Sunday Mass each week (including homily) from Surfers Paradise Catholic Parish, please visit this link: Liturgy for you at Home (by SPCP) - https:-

{References: Fr Paul W. Kelly;  William Barclay – the Daily Study Bible, on James 2, and Mark's Gospel. THE WESTMINSTER PRESS, Philadelphia. Revised Edition. 1976} 

{Shutterstock Licensed Image Credit: stock vector ID: 1554962726 -Saint-Adresse, France - August 15, 2019: Stained Glass in the Chapel of Notre-Dame-des-flots (1857) in Sainte Adresse, Le Havre, France, depicting Jesus performing a Miraculous Healing. By jorisvo}



St Michael's College teacher Phil Ellison has been awarded the 2021 BCE Excellence in Learning and Teaching in a Secondary School Award!  This is an outstanding achievement, given there were only nine awards handed out across 146 Brisbane Catholic Schools.

Phil is an outstanding educator, committed to his students and his colleagues. He exemplifies the dedication and commitment that our teachers demonstrate each day toward our students to ensure the delivery of Excellence in Learning and Teaching.  Also recognised through nomination at the Awards Gala Evening was Nina Carroll for Excellence in Nurturing a Professional Workforce and Rachael Milburn for Excellence as an Early Career Teacher.

We are very proud of our teachers and we thought it was a fantastic achievement to share with the Parish community. 

This is also a nice video of Anthony congratulating Phil on his award which I thought you would enjoy watching:  BCE EXCELLENCE AWARD WINNER



  •  "We have put a light burden on one side, that is to say, self-accusation, and we have loaded ourselves with a heavy one, self-justification."  Abba John, A Desert Father

  • "Humility and the fear of God are above all virtues." Abba John, A Desert Father, 

  • "When Abba Anthony thought about the depths of the judgements of God,  he asked: - "Lord, how is it that some die when they are young, while others drag on to extreme old age? Why are there those who are poor and those who are rich? Why do wicked men prosper, and why are people of justice in need?" He heard a voice answering him, "Anthony, keep your attention on yourself, these things happen according to God's judgement, and it is not to your advantage to know anything about them."  

  • Abba Anthony said, 'Whoever hammers a lump of iron, first decides what he is going to make of it, a scythe, a sword, or an axe. So also, we ought to make up our minds about what kind of virtue we want to forge or else we labour in vain. ' 

  • "We must speak to them with our hands by giving before we try to speak to them with our lips."  Saint Peter Claver.

  • "A person's salvation and perfection consists of doing the will of God which he must have in view in all things, and at every moment of his life." Saint Peter Claver.

  • Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. Mother Teresa.

  • Love proves itself by deeds, so how am I to show my love? Great deeds are forbidden me. The only way I can prove my love is by scattering flowers, and these flowers are every little sacrifice, every glance and word, and the doing of the least actions for love. Saint Thérèse of Lisieux

  • Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought. Pope Saint John Paul II

(Some taken from - The sayings of the Desert Fathers, p2, 90; Read more at;  also Complete Quotes and Anecdotes - Tony Castle, and various sources. (Image - Shutterstock licensed image ID: 1873751440. Qadisha Valley, Lebanon - March 6, 2020: Statue of St Anthony the Great in Maronite Order Monastery of Qozhaya, located in Qadisha Valley in Lebanon. By Fotokon)


POPE FRANCIS: "Hypocrisy jeopardises Church unity."

During the General Audience August 25th, with pilgrims in The Pope Paul VI Hall, Pope Francis warned about a type of "formalism" that can lead to hypocrisy, and in turn, threatens the unity of the Church.


Continuing his commentary on St Paul's Letter to the Galatians, the Holy Father began his reflection with a consideration of an episode recounted by St Paul, where the Apostle reproached St Peter for his hypocritical behaviour.


St Peter himself had shown that Gentile Christians were not bound to observe every aspect of the Jewish Law when he ate with Gentiles, contrary to the prescriptions of the Law. Later, however, he refused to eat with them, for fear of being criticised by those Jewish Christians who believed it was still necessary to obey all of the prescriptions of the Mosaic code.

St Paul saw that this was a serious fault because St Peter's hypocrisy was causing an "unjust division" in the early Christian community. Hypocrisy, the Pope said, "can be called the fear of the truth," a feeling that "it is better to pretend than to be yourself" that can "suffocate the courage to openly say what is true" in every circumstance. He warned that hypocrisy flourishes "in an environment where interpersonal relations are lived under the banner of formalism."


The Bible, however, shows us examples of holy men and women who refuse to pretend. Pope Francis pointed to Eleazar who, during the time of the Maccabees, refused to pretend to eat meat sacrificed to idols, even at the cost of his life.

In the New Testament, the Pope noted, Jesus often condemned hypocrites who appeared righteous on the outside, but inwardly were filled with vice.

Hypocrites-  said Pope Francis, - "are people who pretend, flatter, and deceive because they live with a mask over their faces and do not have the courage to face the truth."

He warned: "They are not capable of truly loving." And he noted that, although we witness hypocrisy in the workplace, in politics, and elsewhere, "hypocrisy in the Church is particularly detestable."

He recalled the words of the Lord, who said, "Let what you say be simply 'Yes' or 'No'; anything more than this comes from evil."

Pope Francis said that to act otherwise "means jeopardising the unity of the Church, that unity for which the Lord Himself prayed."


Full statement: Here. (source: )

(Image - Shutterstock licensed Image- stock photo ID: 1524254318 - Vatican City-  in St. Peter's Basilica.By Riccardo De Luca )


Worldwide Marriage Encounter: A weekend experience for married couples, priests and religious, away from the distractions of everyday living.  

Take time out of your busy schedule, to invest in your most precious asset and revitalise your Sacrament.  This is a unique opportunity to reconnect, rekindle and refresh your relationship.  It gives you the opportunity to grow in your relationship with your spouse or your community. Our next COVID-SAFE live-out weekend will be held from Friday evening 15 October to Sunday afternoon 17 October (including Mass) at Trinity College, Beenleigh (south of Brisbane) – going home on the Friday and Saturday evenings.  Contact Maria and David Murphy: (07) 3342 1456, 

Information website:


The Annual Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass will be celebrated with Archbishop Mark Coleridge on Saturday 25th September commencing at 11.30 am. The invitation is extended to family and friends. Unfortunately, due to the COVID restrictions, refreshments following the Mass will not be offered. Bookings will be available from Monday 13 September and can be made via the following link: or telephone the Cathedral office on 07 3324 3030. Many thanks for your support.




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Your support is needed to help our Parish continue valuable pastoral activities and to provide ongoing sustainability. To assist you to support the Parish, you can give via here.

If you are able to continue to support us, we would be most grateful. For all those who have been making payments via credit card and those who have donated directly into the parish account, we thank you. The pay-wave or tap-and-go machines on the timber stands in our Churches are also a safe and handy way to donate to the Parish. God bless you for your support. If you would like confirmation of your donation or a receipt emailed to you please contact me at To join planned giving, please contact the Parish Office: (07) 5572 5433 (9 am–12 pm Mon-Fri).



Sacred Heart 

350 max capacity

Saturday Night - 5 pm 

  • (Maronite Mass 6:30 pm, Saturday Night). 

*Note First Saturday of the month morning Mass 9 am (Next: 4th September) 

Sunday - 9 am & 6 pm

  • (Polish Mass 12:30 pm Sunday)

  • (Italian Mass 4 pm Sunday)

Weekday Masses - Monday - Friday weekday Mass - 9 am 

St Vincent's

200 max capacity

Sunday - 8 am & 10 am 

  • (Hispanic Mass – 5.30 pm on 1st and 3rd Sundays)

Extra parking is available only metres from St Vincent's Church, King's Car Park, entry via Beach Road

Stella Maris 

150 max capacity 

Saturday Night - 5 pm 

Sunday - 7 am 

Please note: Numbers allowed in each Church are based on social distancing restrictions, and the Archbishop has continued to exempt everyone from the obligation to attend Sunday mass during restrictions.

Please remember that as per restrictions we are still expected to check in for mass, maintain a social distance of 1 person per 2 square metres, and to receive Holy Communion in the hand only, refrain from physical contact when offering the Sign of Peace, and to sanitise when entering and exiting the premises.


Please note that people entering the church are required to scan the Check-In Qld app, which will register you as attending that mass time.

Please show our volunteers at the door your before entering the church. Ask for assistance if you require help getting the App on your phone. If you are not able to get the App (your phone is too old /not compatible /you don't have a mobile), only then are you required to write down your name and contact number. Please remember that if you are experiencing any symptoms, get a COVID test and quarantine at home until you receive a negative result. Thank you for keeping our parish communities safe.


Hispanic (Latino American) Mass: Fr. Syrilus Madin 

5 pm Mass 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month - St Vincent's Catholic Church, Surfers Paradise.

Gold Coast Contact: Juan Arrieta 0406 705 349

Polish Mass: Fr Grzegorz Gaweł SChr (Bowen Hills 3252 2200)

12.30 pm Mass Sunday Sacred Heart Church, Clear Island Waters.

Gold Coast Contact: George Syrek 0411 302 802 

Italian Mass: Fr Angelo Cagna 0423648736

4 pm Mass Sunday Sacred Heart Church, Clear Island Waters.

Gold Coast Contact: Connie Canale 5575 8882

Maronite Mass: Fr Fadi Salame 0421 790 996

6.30 pm Saturday Vigil, Sacred Heart Church, Clear Island Waters.




Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament this First Friday 3rd September from 7 pm to 8.30 pm at Sacred Heart Church. All are welcome. Enquiries: Helen 0421835678. "Could you not watch one hour with Me?" Mt 26:40



Saturday, September 4, 2021. 9 AM - First Saturday Mass - Votive Mass for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Followed by Adoration and Benediction.



This week we have received a delivery of Holy Cards. This line of Holy Cards with a picture on the front and prayer on the back has been discontinued. The price is still the same 20 cents until sold out. The new cards will rise to 30 cents per card.

Holy Cards make great bookmarks or an insert in greeting cards. Children love collecting them too.


Our Parish Shops are open before and after Mass each weekend. For enquiries at other times, please contact Pat 0404 805 819 or visit the Parish office between 9:30 am-12 pm Monday to Friday.



Meets at the Sacred Heart - Parish Hospitality Centre, Fairway Drive, Clear Island Waters. 

Playing Bridge keeps your brain active and increases your social network! So why not give us a try?

Learn to play Bridge at "Our Friendly Club" - Free Lesson. "Introduction to Bridge"

Easy to learn format, no previous card playing experience necessary. All are welcome.

For more information and to enrol, Please phone: Cheryl 5538 8821 or Mob 0417 772 701



Come join us for our friendly class in the Parish Hospitality Centre next to the Parish Office. Classes run every Tuesday at 10:45 am. Learn to relax, yet gain greater flexibility, inner strength, body awareness and concentration. All while increasing your breath support and general wellbeing. Ruth is an IYTA accredited instructor with wide experience and runs a caring, carefully monitored one-hour session costing $10 (new attendees need to arrive by 10.30 am to prepare adequately for class). For more information, call Ruth on 0421338110.



'He makes the deaf hear and those who could not, to speak.'   Mark 7:31-37


The Church hears the cries of the poor and the groans of the earth. It seeks to stand in solidarity with the poor and the marginalised and to exercise good stewardship of the fragile ecosystems that support life on earth.


(Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, "A New Earth: The Environmental Challenge. Social Justice Statement 2002", accessed 23 April 2021,, 10.)



Position Vacant – Pastoral Associate- Sunnybank 

Applications are open for a position at the Sunnybank Parish. The Pastoral Associate will be required to coordinate children and their families preparing for the Sacraments. The applicant will also be involved in Liturgy preparation, Adult Education and Pastoral Care of Parishioners. The applicant will require recent study and practice in the Sacraments of Initiation and Theological qualifications are essential.

The position is a permanent part-time 28 hours per week (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday)

For additional information, please visit the Archdiocese of Brisbane website, Applications close: 30/09/21

Position Vacant – Booval Parish

 Applications are open for a position at the Booval Parish. A person with excellent administration and secretarial skills is required for a part-time 3-year contract position of Parish Secretary for 20 hours per week, 5 hours on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Closing date – 22 September 2021.

 For additional information, please visit the Archdiocese of Brisbane website-



Weekly Trivia Q - the answer for which you will find in past Parish Newsletters which can be accessed via the website Newsletter Archive – Surfers Paradise Parish

 - the first person to email the correct answer to will have their name documented and at the end of the year the one with the most correct (first in) answers will win a prize!

Frs Peter and Paul have provided, over the year, an enormous amount of information over a diverse number of topics and this trivia quiz is a way to remind us of these articles and comments.

HOW are you going with the answers? 

This weeks question:

Question 6. 'It is essential for the baptised and ordained to also take each other with seriousness and respect to work together as partners. Each day sees many steps towards the universal pathway to holiness. Pope Paul V suggested that the most comprehensive way of proclaiming the Gospel is via dialogue. And dialogue isn't just a matter of words. Pope Paul V names five kinds of dialogue.' Can you name the five kinds of dialogue?



Question 4. As is customary at this time of year in the lead-up to the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, a number of ordination anniversaries occur. At least four past and present priests are named in this list – can you name the four priests who are celebrating their anniversary of priesthood and who have served in the Surfers Paradise Catholic Parish within the last 35 years?


Rev Peter Gablonski, Bp Emeritus William Morris, Rev Denis Long, V Rev Peter Dillon 


Question 5. 'How many times have we experienced storms in our lives and thought that the Lord was asleep, that God was not concerned, that God was simply ignoring us?' Who penned these words and what was the date of the Newsletter in which they are found?

ANSWER 20 June 2021 THE GOSPEL THIS WEEKEND - Jesus Calms the storms of life. Jesus is God, whom even the Wind and the Waves obey.

Fr Paul Kelly










FOR THOSE WHO ARE SICK: Sr Mary Teresa (NZ- sister of Caroline Moulden), Bert Devich, John Davis, Peter Cotton, Bobby Courtney, Lisa Mangan, Doreen Slater, Christina Hendriksen, Diane Land, Robyn Skein, Sharyn Lucas, Kye Oh, Irene Carney, Michael James, Bill Gilmore, Olga Hamshari, Roy Ferraro, Margaret Haerse, Rosalind Lee, Milka Barac, Mary Ashton, Kurt Hillesheim, Bill Goodrem, Rodney & Norma McLennan, Lois & Doug Wood, Duncan Dawson, Sam Maxwell, William Franklin, Gerry Stoffels (Capetown, SA), Maria Mihalic, Annie Scicluna, Anne Logan, Dymphna Hogg, Margaret & Louise Thompson, Patricia Moor, Helen Bohringer, Peter O'Brien, Angela Duvnjak, Rachel Raines, Savannah Ayoub, Gus Reeves, Baby Maeve Lombard, Kathy Kiely, Rosslyn Wallis, Arthur Haddad, Jean Di Benedetto, Michael & Denise Tracey, Joanne Mooney, Joanne Parkes, Michelle MacDonald, John & Molly Robinson, Mary Kerr. And all suffering from Covid-19 and its effects. 


RECENTLY DECEASED: Sr Margaret Finnan, Dawn Grigson, Danny Connelly, Des George, Elizabeth Grippo, Bruno Chiera, Jeanette James, Adelina Ochoa, Monica Bokeyar, Marilyn Casey, Bernice Camilleri, Noel John Ancrum, Shirley Ann Appleby, John Francis Paul,  Justin King, Mark John Nussbaum, Mary Murphy (Ireland), Angela Dirou, Fausto Mascia, Mahin Fahimi, Hossein Sadafzadeh, Marija Mercep, Christopher Walsh, Gary Foster.


ANNIVERSARY OF DEATH: Dr Des McGarry, Ivy Bosworth, Linda G. Mirasol, Helena Szulc, Fanny Macky, Tadeusz Zezou, Soledad Viva, Inocencia Taleon, Dean Tamer, Joseph Francis Wherby, Max Butler, Molly Brennan, Colin Francis Bingham, Joe Dominiak, Carmela Parente, Luciano Fioravanti, Edna Hamilton, Joan Margaret Gibbon, Wladyslawa Dominiak, Bernard William McKay, Timothy Sullivan, "Tony" de Ruyter, Gordon Peter Gillespie, Del Enid Anderson (Peter A's Mother), Carol Rose Williamson, Josephine  Di Giorgio, Louise Marie Young, Carina Faith Barrington, Bożenna Rayson, Fr Sean Nugent, Janina Momont, Mario Pase, Patrick Mulcahy, Briggita Kelleris, Harry Kelleris.



World Trade Centre Terrorist Attack, New York, Anniversary (11/9/2001).




You can visit the Stay Connected page on our website to find an extensive list of information and resources. 

Liturgy for you at Home (produced by SPP): https:-

Weekly Homily (produced by SPP): https:-

Surfers Paradise Parish Facebook: https:-

Breaking Parish News (SPP Blog): https:-


Next Sunday's Readings


Readings for Sunday, September 12, 2021 - Twenty-fourth Sunday. Year B 

FIRST READING: Isa 50: 4-9a

Psalm: Ps 116: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 8-9 "I will walk in the presence of the Lord, in the land of the living."

SECOND READING: Jas 2: 14-18

Gospel Acclamation: (Gal 6: 14) Alleluia, alleluia! My only glory is the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Which crucifies the world to me and me to the world.

GOSPEL: Mark 8: 27-35


Commitment To Child And Vulnerable Adult Safety

"The Archdiocese of Brisbane holds that children and vulnerable adults are a gift from God with an intrinsic right to dignity of life, respect and security from physical and emotional harm. They are to be treasured, nurtured and protected from any harm." As a Parish Community, we pray for a change of heart, that we respond to our grief by reaching out to one another in truth and love.


Acknowledgement of Country - This is Kombumerri Country - The Traditional Custodians of this region. 

We respectfully acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First People of this country. We pay our respects to the Kombumerri people, who are the traditional custodians of the land, waterways and seas upon which we live, work and socialise throughout this Catholic Parish of Surfers Paradise. We acknowledge Elders, past and present and emerging, as they hold the memories, traditions, culture and hopes of our Indigenous people. We pay tribute to those who have contributed in many ways to the life of the community. We affirm our commitment to justice, healing, and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.


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